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Pusher specialise in dirty, dangerous rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s brooding, at times threatening, sound is matched to imposing, menacing lyrics which nonetheless have an oddly euphoric edge.

Their Debut EP ‘10,000 Hours’ was an imposing introduction, with Pusher taking their sound out on the road. Set to support Sleaford Mods, the band are due to release new single ‘Here She Comes’ via Genepool Records on May 18th.

A compact introduction to Pusher’s deviant charms, you can check it out,Pusher have confirmed the following shows:

21 Lincoln Tokyo (w/ Sleaford Mods)
25 London The Social

2 Sheffield The Washington
3 Middleton Carsons
10 Manchester Night & Day Café
17 Leeds Brudenell Social Club (w/ Hurricane #1)
18 Grimsby Old Clee Club

From the album ‘This Is All Yours’  Alt J have revealed the gloomy new video for “Pusher,” the latest single off the band’s This Is All YoursBased on a concept by Alt-J frontman Joe Newman and brought to life by Division Paris and director Thomas Rhazi, the video features a man’s agonizing attempt to bring change to an uninformed society. “Pusher” is presented similarly to the Best Picture Oscar-winning Birdman, with the feel of one long shot cleverly divided by seamless cuts.

is a stripped-down acoustic number about love, loss and loneliness. Its central idea is that people are either pushers or pullers, and a successful relationship needs both — Newman sings of how he lacks,

the zest of a lemon, looking forward
Unless I have a woman pushing me

It also introduces the red-billed quelea, the most common bird in the world, which will reoccur throughout the album.


Pusher are emerging as one of the UK’s brightest new guitar bands. ‘Let It Break’ looks set to catapult them to a wider audience and rightly so’ from Yorkshire Pusher, a heavy Psychedelic sonic assault’ frantic beat’s, hypnotic guitar and an urgent vocals an enormous sound that instantly captivates the listener, draws you in and has you clambering for more’ –


Think back to the first time you heard your favourite band. You could probably tell in a few heartbeats that you were going to like them, and before the first song had ended, you were in love and wanted more. Well get ready, because if you haven’t yet, you’re about to meet your next favourite band. Yorkshire five-piece, Pusher are one of those bands that are capable of creating an enormous sound that instantly captivates the listener, draws you in and has you clambering for more. The release of their eagerly awaited EP, ’10,000’ hours. Faithfully capturing the essence of the bands live performance – which believe me, is up there with some of the best we’ve ever seen I hope big things will become of this band.


PUSHER – ” Revive “

Posted: November 22, 2014 in MUSIC
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Pusher headed out onto the road for a relentless amount of live shows and are now looking to build on their tenacious momentum with their latest release. Hours spent holed up in their practice room, situated above a pub in their native county Yorkshire, gave birth to the new set of tracks found on 10,000 Hours. The band also had a large input in the recording process, allowing them to bottle up their anthemic, pulsating rhythms across six meandering tracks.

Thomas Hemingway (bass) and Ben Scarff (drums) complete the line-up and are a defining reason Pusher’s reputed live show is so vociferous. Utilising the advantages being a five-piece band can bring, Pusher’s huge sound has this year landed them coveted spots at both Kendal Calling and The Isle of Wight Festival, performing to busy crowds on both occasions.As the festival season has drawn to a close, Pusher are now concentrating on soon to be announced tour dates that will see their sonic brand of atmospheric music pulsating through venues around the UK. The EP’s track list as well as their currently booked dates can be found below, with more to be announced shortly (including an EP launch date).”


PUSHER – ” On My Own “

Posted: November 20, 2014 in MUSIC
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Yorkshire act Pusher are releasing the video to their latest brooding single, entitled ‘On My Own (Serpentine)’, the lead-track from their self-recorded impending EP 10,000 Hours, to be released at the end of November. the band recently played support to the Danish band the WANDS and even though a short soundcheck was possible they were awesome, with two accomplished guitarists and a superb collection of songs, With hints of the Mission, Echo and the Bunnymen and gothic bands of yore, their swirling melancholic sound is anchored by frontman James Gilroy’s powerful vocals and laced with the intertwining, teasing guitar work of both Nevyn Stevenson and Matthew Clayton. certainly a band to watch .