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Croque Macadam is proud to present an exciting collaboration between two contemporary bands united by Cosmic American Music across the oceans: The Young Sinclairs and The Hanging Stars.

After a long trans Atlantic digital friendship and mutual admiration The Hanging Stars and The Young Sinclairs main man Sam Lunsford came up with idea of covering each others songs for a split 7”. The Young Sinclairs decided to cut The Hanging Stars desert dream song “She Never Sleeps” and The Hanging Stars cut the neo gospel folk piece “All Fallen Down” by The Young Sinclairs.

The Young Sinclairs, led by the distinguished Samuel Jones Lunsford (Stimulator Jones) are no strangers to the music scene. The band from Roanoke (Viriginia) has a special place in the history of our labels: in 2013, Requiem Pour Un Twister. Since then we have had the honour of releasing their latest album, Out of the Box (2019 – RPUT31). For a dozen years, the North American band has thus built an elegant discography, heir to the folk-rock of the Byrds and affiliates (Gene Clark, Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons etc.).
In many ways, The Hangings Stars could be their British cousins. For the last five years, the London band led by Richard Olson (ex-The See See, Thelightshines, The Eighteenth Day of May etc.) have been releasing delicate country-rock albums on various British labels (Great Pop Supplement, Crimson Crow). If they were born in the fog that envelops London, their heads are probably flying over the mountains of Laurel Canyon.


The affinity between these two bands is now materialized through a 7” single where the Americans are covering the English and reciprocally. The Young Sinclairs pay a strong tribute to British rock. “She Never Sleeps” now sounds like an unreleased Rolling Stones song from the Let it Bleed period. On their side, the Hanging Stars give to the song “All Fallen Dawn” of the Americans the look of a classic of the alternative country music of the 90s (Beachwood Sparks, Jayhawks etc.). The project finds its obvious place in the Croque Macadam’s catalogue where already appeared collaborations between bands with similar interests (Forever Pavot and Calypso, Beat Mark and Proper Ornaments). 
Releases June 4th, 2021

Pressed on a limited edition of 300 black vinyl.” Out on our sister label Croque Macadam on June 4th 2021.

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London-based psych-folk outfit THE HANGING STARS are a loose collective of people who weave together a blissed-out psychedelic tapestry. They released their much anticipated debut album ‘Over The Silvery Lake’ in March 2016 which was described as “a rare deep cut from the late 60s/early 70s boom of psychedelia infused Americana”

Blending folk pastoralism with muddy 60s Americana, they sound like the missing link between the California desert and the grey skyline of London Town. Regarding their sound, the band hope that people can hear “both the sand and the rain”, but hopefully they’ll summon a little of the Californian sun and cosmic country.

A second 7” on the Great Pop Supplement, a label renowned for its relentlessly impeccable taste, as well as its ability to sell out a pressing before I’ve even realised that something’s out – so hopefully I’m not too late telling you about this.

There are three tracks of impeccable country psych here from the London based band, with a pronounced U.S west coast psych influence rubbing shoulders in a surprisingly matey way with a very particular type of eighties indie jangle pop that only ever sounded right coming out of the UK.

A-Side “The House on the Hill” is a dramatic murder ballad, adapted from a text collected by Alan Lomax, which deftly balances the band’s ever present jangle, with wistful pedal steel swells and staccato “Ghost Riders in the Sky” guitar blasts.

The two tracks on the flip segregate the two opposing sides of the band’s psyche somewhat, with “Endlessly Aimless”, a delicate indie-pop ballad creating a lovely pastoral air, while “Mother of Earth” is a grittier country affair, with impeccable pedal steel, and Richard Olson’s vocal delivered with an air of gravitas that suggests Johnny Cash or at the very least David Berman.

You can order the single from Norman Records, or direct from the label here. Also check out the band’s Soundcloud page, and the video for “The House on the Hill” .

London psych-folk types The Hanging Stars have this week confirmed details of the release of their hotly anticipated debut album. Over The Silvery Lake will be released in March as a split release between The Great Pop Supplement and Crimson Crow. The album was recorded in locations as wide ranging as Los Angeles, Nashville and Walthamstow, and the band have hinted that the locations have both inspired and shaped the album that they have made.

The Hanging Stars

London-based psych-folk outfit The Hanging Stars will release their debut album, Over the Silvery Lake this March via The Great Pop Supplement/Crimson Crow. Blending folk pastoralism with swampy ’60s Americana, the album was recorded in Los Angeles, Nashville and London.

Fronted by songwriter, singer and guitarist Richard Olson (The See See, Eighteenth Day of May), joined by Sam Ferman on bass and Paulie Cobra on drums, The Hanging Stars also feature Horse (Dan Michelson and the Coastguards) on pedal steel, Patrick Ralla (The Alan Tyler Show) on banjo, guitar and assorted instruments and Phil Anderson on keyboards.


“This is the luscious finale, resplendent with synthesisers and jazzy flute and a (possibly somewhat guilty) nod to progressive rock,” said Olson of “Running Waters Wide”. “The vocal harmonies offer light in what is otherwise a song imbued with a deep sense of melancholy. The descending piano line twinkles whilst the drums and guitar lock into an incessant beat. Something which ceases to give way until the final loose refrains which mark the end of the album.” David Crosby fans, lend an ear; you’ll find much to appreciate.