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Croque Macadam is proud to present an exciting collaboration between two contemporary bands united by Cosmic American Music across the oceans: The Young Sinclairs and The Hanging Stars.

After a long trans Atlantic digital friendship and mutual admiration The Hanging Stars and The Young Sinclairs main man Sam Lunsford came up with idea of covering each others songs for a split 7”. The Young Sinclairs decided to cut The Hanging Stars desert dream song “She Never Sleeps” and The Hanging Stars cut the neo gospel folk piece “All Fallen Down” by The Young Sinclairs.

The Young Sinclairs, led by the distinguished Samuel Jones Lunsford (Stimulator Jones) are no strangers to the music scene. The band from Roanoke (Viriginia) has a special place in the history of our labels: in 2013, Requiem Pour Un Twister. Since then we have had the honour of releasing their latest album, Out of the Box (2019 – RPUT31). For a dozen years, the North American band has thus built an elegant discography, heir to the folk-rock of the Byrds and affiliates (Gene Clark, Flying Burrito Brothers, Gram Parsons etc.).
In many ways, The Hangings Stars could be their British cousins. For the last five years, the London band led by Richard Olson (ex-The See See, Thelightshines, The Eighteenth Day of May etc.) have been releasing delicate country-rock albums on various British labels (Great Pop Supplement, Crimson Crow). If they were born in the fog that envelops London, their heads are probably flying over the mountains of Laurel Canyon.


The affinity between these two bands is now materialized through a 7” single where the Americans are covering the English and reciprocally. The Young Sinclairs pay a strong tribute to British rock. “She Never Sleeps” now sounds like an unreleased Rolling Stones song from the Let it Bleed period. On their side, the Hanging Stars give to the song “All Fallen Dawn” of the Americans the look of a classic of the alternative country music of the 90s (Beachwood Sparks, Jayhawks etc.). The project finds its obvious place in the Croque Macadam’s catalogue where already appeared collaborations between bands with similar interests (Forever Pavot and Calypso, Beat Mark and Proper Ornaments). 
Releases June 4th, 2021

Pressed on a limited edition of 300 black vinyl.” Out on our sister label Croque Macadam on June 4th 2021.

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French band Beat Mark teams up with British band The Proper Ornaments on a split 7″ inches single to embody their friendship built on several gigs around France and England these last years. “Flowers” by Beat Mark is a lovely indie-pop gem that recalls their debut LP “Howls of Joy” published in 2010. Built on the double singing of Karin Schlageter and Julien Perez, some nice jazzy guitar tones evoking the subtle sound of Orange Juice or Aztec Camera, it’s delicate and fresh as a daisy. “Two Weeks” is everything we love with The Proper Ornaments, the lovely harmonies of Max Claps (Let’s Wrestle) and James Hoare (Veronica Falls, Ultimate Painting), a Byrdsian jangly guitar and something that also calls to mind the pop side of The Velvet Underground. This 7′ on Croque Macadam encapsulates the best of both bands, strictly limited to 350 copies, it should be sold-out pretty soon.