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Currently in the midst of her debut UK tour, Melbourne’s BATTS has this week shared her new video to the excellent single Shame. The track is the latest taster off BATTS’ upcoming debut album, the follow-up to the superb, space-themed EP, 62 Stars.

While still with one eye on the skies, Shame is in many ways more rooted to Earth than BATTS has ever previously been. The track tackles the great shame of our age, the gradual, or perhaps all too rapid, destruction of our planet, “I was hoping that the way that we think, is not the way that we’ll think in a little while, honey I’m losing hope.” The track casts the romantic notion of shooting off to another planet where, “Bowie watches us through the stars”, while ultimately knowing that is not the answer to our issues. BATTS’ message is delivered with her most musically impressive offering to date; the prominent tumbling bass accompanied by delightfully loose guitar work and the stunning vocal, the middle ground of Angel Olsen’s clipped tones and Lucy Dacus’ more emotive, held notes. BATTS might dream of floating off to the stars, pretty soon she’s going to be a very bright star in her own right.

Shame is out now