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Claude is an existential dream pop project formed and fronted by songwriter Claudia Ferme. The poetic project arose during Ferme’s last year of college. Struck by the dread of an unknown future, she poured her soul into a series of indie jams that explore self-identity and ennui through experimental indie sounds.

Now signed to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory label, Claud has released their debut album, “Super Monster”completing a journey from recording in a Syracuse dorm room to finishing the record at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in New York. 

The lyrics on “Super Monster” are culled from what Claud describes as experience being an “observer” of love, taking notes on the relationships around them. This is one of their strong suits, as Claud writes about romantic frustrations and heartbreak with the sense of clarity that one often applies when giving advice to a friend. Applying this to their own love life gives Claud’s lyrics an especially thoughtful quality.

“Call your phone you never answer/ Missing out on endless banter/ You’ve never been that good at small talk/ But I’d love to chat your ear off,” they admit on “Cuff Your Jeans”.

Sweet, ego-free and choc-full of sticky melodies, Super Monster proves that you can take the bedroom pop artist out of their bedroom, but that won’t change what made them worth paying attention to in the first place.


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Band Members: Claudia Ferme – Vocals and Guitar Michael Hilger – Synths Michael Mac – Bass – Drums

Released February 23rd, 2021

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Claud, is the first signee to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory label, releases their debut album, “Super Monster”, in February, and the latest single is “Cuff Your Jeans,” which Claud says “is a song about yearning. I wrote it after having a fever dream about trying to get on a train to see my friend but missing it over and over and over because there was always some obstacle in my way. The dream left me in a cold sweat and extremely frustrated. All elements of this song are a much needed form of rebellion against my redundant lifestyle, and my pitched down vocals in the verses – which appear in a few more places throughout Super Monster – are a way to further a more courageous and outspoken persona.”

In 2021 is there more valuable indie-pop currency than a Phoebe Bridgers co-sign? Claud is the first artist signed to her Saddest Factory imprint and their debut single Gold displayed the sort of songwriting savvy that can make serious waves. Landing somewhere between the twee indie of those classic early Shins records and a hyper-current playful pop sensibility, Claud has the raw materials to step out from beneath the Bridgers banner soon enough. New album ‘Super Monster’ is out in February.

“Cuff Your Jeans” the new song by Claud from the album ‘Super Monster’, out Feburary 12th on Saddest Factory Records.

When Claud Mintz’s mother finally heard the 13 songs on her kid’s magnetic first album, Super Monster, she asked a concerned question: Just how many people had her 21-year-old dated? From beginning to end, these sparkling pop tunes capture the assorted stages of a relationship’s delight and dejection—the giddy sensation of a first kiss during the beaming “Overnight,” the heartsick longing of a pending rejection during the yearning “Jordan,” the reluctant call for a requisite breakup during the smouldering “Ana.” Claud, though, replied that these songs detailed the phases of only two or three relationships, simply written during them or at various points after they were over.

The debut release on Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records, “Super Monster” is a vertiginous but joyous coming-of-age reckoning with such young love. Claud sees relationships as games of endless wonder, intrigue, and second-guesses, a roller-coaster thrilling you even when it’s terrifying. If “Gold” turns the tension and indecision of a bad match into an undeniable bit of lithe disco, “That’s Mr. Bitch To You” uses a spurt of righteous indignation to fuse a little soul and emo into one breathless hook. Super Monster is like a compulsive compilation that Claud culled from a lifetime of musical enthusiasms—the arcing alt-rock of ’90s airwaves, the rapturous pop of ’00s chart-toppers, the diligent genre-hopping of modern online life. Claud emerges as the chameleonic mastermind of this mélange, channelling all of love’s emotions into songs so sharp they make even the hardest times feel fun.

Perhaps you are in the throes of one of these romantic moments yourself right now, resentful of a frustrating paramour like Claud during “Pepsi” or indulging in lust like “In or In Between.” Or maybe these songs recall those wild days and tough situations. Incisive, instant, and addictive Super Monster works on either level—to remind us of love’s wild ups and downs or to help us deal with them in real time. In that way, Mom, these songs are about dating, well, everyone.

Discovered through SoundCloud demos and DIY shows in Chicago, the artist formerly known as Toast is the first signing to Phoebe Bridgers’ Saddest Factory Records imprint. Their tender, dreamlike melodies touch on relatable coming-of-age themes like unrequited love and the vulnerability of youth, but Claud also makes room for underrepresented snippets of life and love within the young LGBTQ+ community. Look out for Super Monster, Claud’s debut album, when it drops on. 

Claud from the album ‘Super Monster’, out February 12th 2021 on Saddest Factory Records.