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It’s your pal Shakey Graves.
Long ago before we were all trapped in our homes, I started working on a new project. It had been a dream of mine for a while to get my own studio together, a place where I could just flip a switch and my creative energies could boot to life. This dream was realized when I located a small house in Goforth, TX and staked my claim and dubbed it “Hello Gorgeous”

At the same time I realized that there was a lot I hadn’t explained en masse. How I got to this point, who my cohorts (Boo, Pat, and Jon) were. I had a lot of videos floating about on the internet of me playing music, but none that I had ever created myself. So I got a crew of friends together and decided to capture it as we embarked on creating a new body of work.
The result is a three part documentary/music video project called…you guessed it: Hello Gorgeous.

Shakey Graves presents a documentary about his past and future. Episode 1 explores the birth of Shakey Graves, the origins of his bandmates, and the winding path that lead them to their new studio, “Hello Gorgeous,” located in spacious Goforth, TX.
Our unlikely heroes will explore new sounds and create a new song titled “Look Alive”…BUT WILL THEY SURVIVE...(dramatic sounds).

Each episode will conclude with an unreleased song and we are going to be releasing these episodes every other Monday starting today, Monday, April 6th

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This album made my night. Such a beautiful, unexpected surprise. Just like everyone who has discovered Shakey Graves, his music has carried me through many trials & tribulations over the years.


released February 9th, 2020

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Austin Texas-native Shakey Graves aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia performs a full concert live at Boston’s House of Blues. Alejandro Rose-Garcia is known for his stripped-down one-man-band style fusion of blues, folk, and rock playing his signature suitcase-turned-kick-drum along with raw, aggressive guitar & vocals. On this Wednesday night in Boston, Shakey delivered plenty of that signature sound mixed in with a full rock band arrangement joined by drummer Chris Boosahda, guitarist Patrick O’Connor and bassist John Shaw.


Roll the Bones 1:02 Built to Roam 6:17 Word of Mouth 12:13 Pansy Waltz 20:40 Dining Alone 25:09 Excuses 29:46 (Desert jam) 34:41 The Perfect Parts 36:11 Mansion Door 40:32 Big Bad Wolf 45:48 Counting Sheep 50:29 Family and Genus 57:30 Dearly Departed 1:02:16 Climb on the Cross 1:07:10 Tomorrow 1:12:42 Late July 1:16:23 — Foot of Your Bed 1:22:44 Cops and Robbers 1:26:25

The Band:

Alejandro Rose-Garcia – Shakey Graves, Guitars and Vocals, John Shaw – Bass/Keys Patrick O’Connor – Guitar Chris Boosahda – Drums

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Before he played at The Queen Elizabeth Theatre on December 12th, Shakey Graves performed a session for the PEAK Lounge You can listen to the exclusive acoustic performance in concert with Mill Street Brewery.


Shakey Graves Is A Gentleman From Texas.

Live session from 102.7 THE PEAK Vancouver ||
released February 8th, 2019

shakey graves

Austin Singer Songwriter Shakey Graves who in December 2017 teased the oncoming of new music via Twitter, has officially announced the new studio album ‘Can’t Wake Up’ due out 4th May on Dualtone Records. In evolution from his 2014 release ‘And The War Came‘, and receiving the award for Best Emerging Artist at the 2015 Americana Music Awards, this new album harnesses a revelatory sound that ascends to new genres for the artist.

“This record is the most I’ve ever intentionally worked on a project, musically speaking, in terms of the scope of it and how much thought went into it,” shares Alejandro Rose-Garcia aka Shakey Graves. “It’s a dense album; there’s a lot of information going on.”

Thirteen new songs venture through reflections and life lessons learned from personal experiences dating as far back as high school. “The beautiful lesson of all this is having to trust yourself, to be willing to start something that you don’t know the outcome of,” he reflects. “Or to lean toward something just because it feels right, even though it may not be what you originally put down on paper. Those are the kind of stories in this record. They’re not so much about specific people or even myself per se. They’re different shades of every person’s life.”


In addition to the album, Shakey Graves will be heading out on tour in the UK in February, with all dates already sold out.

Tue 27 February – The Garage, London – Sold Out
Wed 28 February – Deaf Institute, Manchester – Sold Out
Thurs 01 March – Art School, Glasgow – Sold Out

Texas singer-songwriter Alejandro Rose-Garcia, Aka Shakey Graves, is known for twangy, blues-rooted Americana that charms your socks off, the kind fit for dancing barefoot on a back porch in the southern heat. On Can’t Wake Up, his fifth album, he gambles with the very formula that brought him fame. Armed with new instruments and a lifetime of dreams, he forgoes his boot-stomping, cheeky folk for a sound that fluctuates between finely-tuned rock and full-band pop. Alejandro Rose-Garcia pulls it off in large part due to his storytelling prowess; these songs would be welcoming, even enthralling, in any style.

Last December, Rose-Garcia took to Twitter to hint at the change: “Next album. New sound. Sell your suspenders.” While the message is apt in that straightforward folk is nowhere to be found on Can’t Wake Up, it’s best to keep the suspenders on for support given the amount of trekking through new soundscapes. It’s a dense listen Shakey Graves  describes life lessons he’s learned over the years . He says: I honestly don’t want to blab too much about it outside of saying that I couldn’t be more proud of every aspect of this record.  It is vast in sonic range but was built at home the same way I’ve always done it.  some of the songs where it sounds like a small confused symphony is merely one excited boy and a tape machine.

The album’s dioramic artwork depicts Shakey Graves in a ghost town, enrobed in purple and a dazed expression, walking between vibrant violet and magenta plexiglass plates. Above, a human face peers through the clouds, curious as to what could happen next.

As a freshly minted 30-year-old, Rose-Garcia has accumulated a surplus of memories; he dug as far back as high school to pen those that appear on the album. He’s mining for moods and moments, not people or particulars. By utilizing this open-ended storytelling, Shakey taps into powerful feelings: the specific aching brought on by sleepless nights of love-sickness, the stubborn denial of continuing to use selfish excuses, the humanitarian curiosity that arises when comparing your neighbor’s lifestyle to your own. In the album’s most despondent number, “Tin Man,” his final words hang with the asteism of someone who missed the chance to advise his younger self: “Day by day, if the posted limit you obey / Then the biggest shot in your life / Will be dressed with salt and lime.”


It’s the way Shakey Graves delivers these sentiments that illuminates Can’t Wake Up. He’s evolved from a campfire storyteller into a songwriter armed with a full band, and the rich instrumentation clouds around his lyrics like Broadway set designs: “Aibohphobia” walks through a kitschy, old-timey cartoon thanks to a Mellotron; the use of a retro Optigan makes “Climb on the Cross” sound like it’s playing through a boombox on the beach; “Dining Alone” dances through the countryside with slide guitar and backup vocals by alt-country fellow musician Rayland Baxter (he also joins on guitar elsewhere). Perhaps the biggest trick is how Shakey Graves vocals use slightly out-of-sync double tracking for a dreamy, disillusioned feeling.

Listen closely to the one-two punch of kick drum-heavy “Cops and Robbers” and 1990s ode “Mansion Door.” Though they’re dazzled up in dreams and electric guitar, this is the same Shakey Graves that captured hearts with his debut seven years ago. When creativity and charm are ingrained in your DNA, everything else is malleable.

Can’t Wake Up comes out NEXT FRIDAY, MAY 4th, on Dualtone Records

After a winter of recording new music and a party last weekend at Old Settler’s Music Festival, I’ve got a new/old…limited double EP coming out as well as a tour later this summer.

First off, thank you all so much for participating in Shakey Graves Day each and every year. Due to your requests and the need to give some of my songs the life they deserve, I am releasing two of my previous albums out into the world for good and I chose the shortest title I could think of…Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On (Nobody’s Fool & The Donor Blues EP). Yes, this is a double EP and only a limited amount will be pressed on a clear 180-gram double vinyl, first come, first serve. You can head over to or my bandcamp page right now to pre-order the double EP on physical or digi. Orders will begin shipping one week prior to release date (June 30, 2017).

Secondly, me and the boys are headed back on the road this August for a quick mission as we continue to write and record new music in between. We’ll be inside you Missouri, Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Canada, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Birmingham, Georgia and more…full dates are below and at shakeygraves.comOn this August run we are going to be accompanied by my homie and brilliant friend, David Ramirez!


On Shakey Graves new song “The Perfect Parts,” The Austin-based musician Alejandro Rose-Garcia turns up the amps for a blues-driven style of guitar playing that would satiate fans of the Black Keys and Gary Clark, Jr. “It’s the aggressive peak,” he says of where the song fits into his new album “And the War Came.”

That said, the song’s been a long time coming. Rose-Garcia says he wrote the melody in high school, but the story within is something more recent. “I was spending a lot of time ogling a certain lady in my home town and I felt very led on,” he says. “In reality I doubt she had any idea that I was pining so hard. We explored the concept of being trapped in your home town and the concept of growing out of a situation.”

Rose-Garcia started Shakey Graves in 2008 while logging time as an actor – he had a reoccurring role on Friday Night Lights, which was shot in Austin. He recorded his debut album “Roll the Bones” by himself and put it up on Bandcamp, where it’s become one of the music distribution site’s biggest sellers.

From the new album from Austin Texas favourite Shakey Graves the album is titled “And The War Came”

Shakey Graves Cover #2 NEW

Shakey Graves is a folk rock songwriter who writes personal ballads with frenetic finger-picking guitar work and snarling, cacophonous tones. He first graced the stage as a solo act, performing with a suitcase modded into a kick drum/tambourine that is feverishly worked with booted heels. Shakey spent years road-testing this inimitable one man band, honing his craft and focusing on defining a unique sound. In 2014 he met songwriter Esme Patterson, solo performer and member of the Denver-based band Paper Bird. Together they wrote the smash hit, “Dearly Departed,” a song originally conceived on Halloween as a “tongue-in-cheek, haunted house sex joke.”
Shakey toured tirelessly with Patterson in tow, performing across the country and paving the way for 2014’s “And the War Came,” his second LP and first official release. The tour became an introduction to his new, play-with-others style; a stark departure from his previous loner mountain man look.

Shakey himself as spoken of the project as continuously evolving. His most recent iteration is a braggadocio-filled rock quartet, and his mesmerizing stage performance is a replication of his career’s story arc. It shuffles between solo and full band, reflecting the themes of “domestication and acknowledgement of the other” present on “And the War Came” by rotating through lineup variations. His style evolves to coincide with the music being created. Shakey has moved from the 10-gallon hat, tank top, and cowboy boots to more punk rock-influenced dark leather, flat brim, and sneakers.

His project is in a constant state of change, but his Austin, Texas roots remain. Shakey is a songwriter filled with soul whose contemplative, poetic moments give way to bone-rattling growls from his trusty Loar guitar.

Watch the band perform here on Audiotree Live.

Band Members

Shakey Graves – Guitar, Synth and Vocals, Chris Boosahda – Percussion and Background Vocals, Patrick O’Connor – Guitar and Background Vocals



Where A Boy Once Stood – Audiotree Live, Shakey Graves performing on Audiotree Live, November 6, 2015.


Shakey Graves, Rose-Garcia from Austin, Texas, He plays a gnarly composite of blues and folk as a one-man-band of epic sonic proportions. The sound emitted from his hollow body guitar, mildly distorted amp and suitcase drum belie the young singer’s lean frame. He fingerpicks while keeping time with a double-pedal kick drum, hitting a snare fitted into his suitcase drum and a tambourine fashioned to its side. And when he sings, Rose-Garcia unleashes an unearthly howl. Gritty groans and sexy moans carry his stories of both accepting and trying to overcome personal challenges masked with old-timey Western imagery.