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At the time of it’s release, this album was under apprciated. They were part of a group of bands in the really early ’90s—My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Moose—and those first Slowdive records were right in the wheelhouse. Reverbed-out, cascading guitars and distant, female-male voices, in kinship with what My Bloody Valentine were doing. Even though it was airy and ethereal, it was also still very loud. In England, Slowdive were successful somewhat, but in America they started gaining cult status even through the late ’90s. There was definitely a time when this stuff was happening, There was something about their music that struck a bigger chord with me than some of the other bands from around that time. Something about the way Neil and Rachel’s vocals blended that drew me in more, something more personal about the song writing and singing that made them my favourite noisy guitar band around that time.

“Pygmalion” now it’s become heralded as a masterpiece. And it is. When Slowdive disbanded in 1995 music fans widely associated it with the demise of the shoegaze genre. Their last sign of life was “Pygmalion” (before they reunited in 2014) and it was, after “Just For A Day” and “Souvlaki” a totally different and more abstract album. Where the band attempted to put more song structures in place on “Souvlaki“, they began to incorporate more elements of ambient electronica on “Pygmalion” .

This majestic record became a cult touchstone for its ambient detours and post-rock experiments. Nothing else sounds quite like it, and Slowdive themselves fell silent for years afterward, save for side projects, only to finally re-emerge with 2017’s triumphant, self-titled reunion album. 

Tracks like “Blue Skied An’ Clear”  and “Crazy For You” demonstrate that the songs are still there, somewhere – they’re just buried under more abstract sounds than before.

Bon Iver’s “Blood Bank” is “arguably the most consequential EP of the 2000s” and now, the group announces its 10th Anniversary  reissue. Released 11 years ago yesterday (we know), and coming March 27th on Jagjaguwar, the package pairs each of the original four songs with brand new live renditions recorded during shows in Stockholm, Dallas, London, and Paris.

Similar to how the first Blood Bank followed For Emma, Forever Ago, the reissue forecasts the evolution of Bon Iver as the project expands to new breadths of sound and community. In its new liner notes, Wisconsinite Ryan Matteson reflects on the mantras of Blood Bank and the growth of Bon Iver, writing how songs like “Woods” heralded “not just a new direction but a new beginning entirely. A place where boundaries don’t exist. It was a signal change of things to come, laying the groundwork for new collaborations.”

Bon Iver performed music from Blood Bank throughout their 2019 arena tour supporting new album i,i. That tour will extend through November 2020 with a series of just-added European dates

The reissue will feature new artwork by Eric Timothy Carlson, both original and brand new live renditions of each track, and an in-depth essay written by longtime Bon Iver friend Ryan Matteson.

Side A:
01 – Blood Bank
02 – Beach Baby
03 – Babys
04 – Woods

Side B:
05 – Blood Bank (Live from Ericsson Globe, Stockholm SE, Oct 31 2018)
06 – Beach Baby (Live from The Bomb Factory, Dallas TX, Jan 23 2018)
07 – Babys (Live from Eventim Apollo Hammersmith, London UK, Mar 4 2018)
08 – Woods (Live from Pitchfork Paris Presented by La Blogothèque, Nov 3 2018)

Blood Bank (10th Anniversary Edition) – out March 27, 2020 via Jagjaguwar Recordings.

Musical duo Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett got their first recording contract for Stax in 1969. They then moved to Elektra before coming to Atco in 1970 for their longest sustained recording contract. While they never achieved much success as some others, they are best remembered for the “Friends” they had with them for their albums. And when your friends include Leon Russell, Isaac Hayes, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, and Duane & Gregg Allman, among others, it is easy to see why. Motel Shot, released in 1971, was the duo’s fourth studio album and third overall album on Atco. It had its genesis a year earlier as a prospective album for Elektra and sessions were recorded with engineer Bruce Botnick.

However, tensions grew with Elektra and the pair moved to Atco, recording a studio and a live album before circling back to the earlier material. The songs were re-recorded for Atco and the eventual LP gave Delaney and Bonnie their biggest chart success with “Never Ending Song of Love.” Guests on the album include  Leon Russell, Cocker, Duane Allman, Gram Parsons and Bobby Whitlock among others. The LP itself has never appeared on CD outside of Japan and this new edition is expanded with 8 recently discovered tracks from the original 1970 sessions. It has been remastered by Bill Inglot and features liner notes by Pat Thomas with quotes from Bonnie Bramlett, Bruce Botnick, Jac Holzman and Bobby Whitlock.

Warner Bros. Records

Fleetwood Mac‘s last No. 1 album, 1982’s Mirage, will be released as a three-disc expanded deluxe edition this week.
Mirage – which followed 1979’s Tusk, an expensive LP that didn’t reach nearly the same heights as its predecessor, the blockbuster Rumours – but included three Top 40 singles: “Hold Me,” which hit No. 4, “Gypsy” and “Love in Store.”
The new reissue, will include a new remaster of the original album; a disc of B-sides, outtakes and sessions; and 13 songs from the 1982 tour in support of the album. You can see the entire track listing below.
Like the recent deluxe reissues of Rumours and Tusk, the beefed-up Mirage will be available in a number of configurations, including the three-disc edition that will also include an LP and DVD, which features a 5.1 surround mix; a two-disc expanded version that omits the live CD; and remastered albums on disc and digital.
The album was recorded as a reaction of sorts to the ambitious Tusk, settling for more stripped-down arrangements. It paid off for the band, staying at No. 1 for five weeks whereas Tusk stalled at No. 4. Among the 19 tracks found on the reissue’s second disc are early versions and alternate takes of songs like “Love in Store,” “Only Over You” and “Oh Diane.” The “Video Version” of “Gypsy,” which runs a minute longer than the album take, is also included.

But the real excitement is relegated to the pricey “deluxe” package that includes not only a 5.1 surround audio-only DVD of the album and a remastered vinyl reproduction, but a live show from the ‘82 Mirage tour. This 74-minute concert catches the band on a particularly inspired and improvisation filled night in LA as Mirage was ensconced atop the Billboard charts. It kicks off with a propulsive seven-minute “The Chain” that smokes the studio take into oblivion and features extended performances of two Tusk tracks with a nearly 10-minute “Not That Funny” along with another 8 minutes of “Sisters of the Moon,” closing with an unplugged emotional “Songbird” all in front of a clearly engaged audience.
The live disc, in addition to several Mirage tracks, includes older favorites like “The Chain,” “Rhiannon” and “Go Your Own Way.”

Having failed to include the already available 5.1 mix of Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours in their 2013 super deluxe edition Warners haven’t made the same mistake with last year’s Tusk box or the forthcoming Mirage set which was announced this week…
The Mirage box looks like a satisfying package • Despite all the content (outtakes, live, etc.) the Mirage box fails to include the seven-inch of Gypsy,

• The DVD looks to be an audio-only affair. Why not include the videos to Hold Me and Gypsy? It’s perfectly feasible to mix a 5.1 mix with video content.

• And why is it a DVD and not a blu-ray audio? Warners have used the format for Van Morrison and Crosby Stills Nash & Young so why not Fleetwood Mac? Presumably, the label would argue that the widespread appeal of the band isn’t aligned with blu-ray audio which might be considered ‘niche’ and of interest largely to super-fans and audiophiles. Maybe, but having gone to the effort of creating a 5.1 mix, why wouldn’t you want to show it off at it’s best, with lossless surround sound?

The biggest sin is to continue to bundle vinyl into the super deluxe box. Vinyl, like blu-ray audio is niche, but that hasn’t stopped it being included. For many people the vinyl will be superfluous.
Fleetwood Mac, ‘Mirage: Deluxe Edition’ Track Listing
Disc One: Original Album – 2016 Remaster
1. “Love In Store”
2. “Can’t Go Back”
3. “That’s Alright”
4. “Book of Love”
5. “Gypsy”
6. “Only Over You”
7. “Empire State”
8. “Straight Back”
9. “Hold Me”
10. “Oh Diane”
11. “Eyes of the World”
12. “Wish You Were Here”
Disc Two: B-Sides, Outtakes, Sessions
1. “Love In Store” (Early Version)*
2. “Suma’s Walk” AKA “Can’t Go Back” (Outtake)*
3. “That’s Alright” (Alternate Take)*
4. “Book of Love” (Early Version)*
5. “Gypsy” (Early Version)*
6. “Only Over You” (Alternate Version)*
7. “Empire State” (Early Version)*
8. “If You Were My Love” (Outtake)*
9. “Hold Me” (Early Version)*
10. “Oh Diane” (Early Version)*
11. “Smile at You” (Outtake)*
12. “Goodbye Angel” (Original Outtake)*
13. “Eyes of the World” (Alternate Early Version)*
14. “Wish You Were Here” (Alternate Version)*
15. “Cool Water”
16. “Gypsy” (Video Version)
17. “Put a Candle in the Window” (Run-Through)*
18. “Teen Beat” (Outtake)*
19. “Blue Monday” (Jam)*
*Previously Unissued
Disc Three: Mirage Live 1982
1. “The Chain”
2. “Gypsy”
3. “Love In Store”
4. “Not That Funny”
5. “You Make Loving Fun”
6. “I’m So Afraid”
7. “Blue Letter”
8. “Rhiannon”
9. “Tusk”
10. “Eyes of the World”
11. “Go Your Own Way”
12. “Sisters of the Moon”
13. “Songbird”

Big Star

Big Star’s classic record Third wasn’t released until 1978, four years after it was recorded and four years after Big Star had broken up. The chaotic recording sessions will be released as part of a huge 69-track reissue called “Complete Third”, charting the album’s genesis from demos to completed LP. The reissue is due October 14th on Omnivore Recordings.

‘Volume One’ includes Chilton’s demos alongside vocals and rough mixes. ‘Volume Two: Roughs to Mixes’ boasts producers Jim Dickinson and John Fry’s early mixes for the Third tracks, including unreleased takes of Lesa Aldredge, Chilton’s girlfriend at the time and background singer on Third, covering Velvet Underground’s “After Hours.” ‘Volume Three: Final Masters,’ contains the 20 completed tracks.
Regardless of track order, the album was named to Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time despite its tumultuous journey. “Ask any of the original participants who made the record, and none of them would say they expected this album to even see a real release, much less end up on Rolling Stone’s list,” Ardent Studios’ Adam Hill writes of the album in the reissue’s liner notes.
“It’s a great testament to Third that an album that almost nobody was interested in at the time of its pressing, is now loved and sought out by an ever growing legion of fans. I guess that’s called ‘ahead of its time,'” he said.
The reissue also features unseen photos and essays penned by a diverse group of people either involved in the making of or influenced by Third, such as R.E.M.’s Mike Mills, Wilco’s John Stirratt and Pat Sansone, the Jayhawks’ Gary Louris, the Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs and Debbi Peterson, post-reunion Big Star member Ken Stringfellow and the band’s drummer Jody Stephens.

“At the time of the recording, everyone’s emotions were forefront … is uncertainty an emotion? We were responding to Alex’s mood both in song and conversation,” Stephens writes. “All my time spent in the studio for Third was in the company of John (Fry) and Jim (Dickinson) as well as Alex. I heard stories of maudlin scenes that happened after hours but never really witnessed them. But I did witness Alex, Jim, and John, and the sometimes easy and sometimes uneasy interaction among us all. Through it all, Jim and John were brilliant and reassuring.”
Complete Third will initially be released as a 3-CD set, with a vinyl pressing of all three volumes as standalone 2-LPs also planned.
Complete Third Track List
Volume 1: Demos to Sessions to Roughs
1. “Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo)” * (Demo)
2. “Lovely Day” (Demo)
3. “Downs” (Demo)
4. “Femme Fatale” (Demo)
5. “Thank You Friends” (Demo)
6. “Holocaust” (Demo)
7. “Jesus Christ” (Demo)
8. “Blue Moon” (Demo)
9. “Nightime” (Demo)
10. “Take Care” (Demo)
11. “Big Black Car” (Demo #2/Acoustic Take 1)
12. “Don’t Worry Baby”
13. “I’m In Love With A Girl” *
14. “Big Black Car” (Demo #3/Acoustic Take 2)
15. “I’m So Tired” * – Alex & Lesa
16. “That’s All It Took” * – Alex & Lesa
17. “Pre-Downs” *
18. “Baby Strange” *
19. “Big Black Car” (Demo #1/Band)
20. “Kizza Me” * (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)
21. “Till the End Of the Day” * (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal, Kept As Final Vocal)
22. “Thank You Friends” * (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)
23. “O, Dana” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
24. “Dream Lover” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
Vol. 2: Roughs to Mixes
1. “Big Black Car” * (Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal)
2. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
3. “Take Care” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
4. “Holocaust” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
5. “Nightime” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
6. “Thank You Friends” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
7. “Nature Boy” * (Dickinson Rough Mix)
8. “After Hours” * – Lesa
9. “Stroke It Noel” (Backwards Intro)
10. “Lovely Day” * (Fry Rough Mix)
11. “Nightime” * (Fry Rough Mix)
12. “Blue Moon” * (Fry Rough Mix)
13. “Till The End Of The Day” (Alternate Mix #1)
14. “Big Black Car” (Fry Rough Mix)
15. “Holocaust” (Fry Alternate/Rough Mix)
16. “Downs” * (Fry Rough Mix)
17. “Kanga Roo” (Fry Rough Mix)
18. “Femme Fatale” * (Fry Rough Mix)
19. “For You” * (Alternate Version/Alex Vocal)
20. “Thank You Friends” * (Fry Rough Mix)
21. “Take Care” * (Alternate Version/Alex Vocal)
22. “Kizza Me” * (Fry Rough Mix)
23. “Till the End Of the Day” (FRY Rough Mix #2) – Lesa
24. “Nature Boy” (Fry Rough Mix)
25. “Mañana”
Vol. 3: Final Masters
1. “Stroke It Noel”
2. “Downs”
3. “Femme Fatale”
4. “Thank You Friends”
5. “Holocaust”
6. “Jesus Christ”
7. “Blue Moon”
8. “Kizza Me”
9. “For You”
10. “O, Dana”
11. “Nightime”
12. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”
13. “Kanga Roo”
14. “Take Care”
15. “Big Black Car”
16. “Dream Lover”
17. “You Can’t Have Me”
18. “Till the End Of the Day”
19. “Lovely Day”
20. “Nature Boy”
* previously unreleased

Led Zeppelin III is about to be released, take a glimpse of whats available on the super deluxe edition.


PINK FLOYD celebrate 20 years of the DIVISION BELL by releasing a Box Set containing 7 discs with lots of nice goodies plus a 5.1 surround sound mix, David Gilmore produced the original album with orchestral arrangements from the late Micheal Kamen.