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Miya Folick may be a relative newbie, dropping her first album Premonitions this year, but she shouldn’t be discounted. Following the release of two previous EPs, Premonitions is a record marked by her at times angelic and other times burly vocals and a lyrical voice that’s emotionally nuanced, purposeful and accessible. After watching her at last years Dot to Dot weekend, my immediate thought was that any headliner would be doomed to follow that performance. Her bubbly energy and impassioned, unusually operatic pop vocals clearly set her apart from the typical carefree indie-rock opener.

The audience, who had largely never heard her music before, was hanging on her every word in a way that many headliners would be jealous of—let alone a support act. If the crowd wasn’t already convinced she was something special, her fiery closing performance of “Give It To Me” certainly made that obvious.

Since she appeared on our list last year, the O.C. native has done nothing to diminish her standing as somebody we can’t wait to get an album from. A fierce talent.


written by miya folick
produced by david tolomei and miya folick
miya folick – vocals, synth, programming
josh menashe – guitar
bryant fox – bass
garet powell – drums
derrick baseck – additional synth

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After releasing two EP’s—2015’s Strange Darling and 2017’s Give It To Me Los Angeles singer-songwriter Miya Folick has shared her debut album in the form of the starkly titled Premonitions, which is characterized by her jaw-dropping vocal range. Her larger than life vocals derive, in part, from her classical training, but she also has the kind of pipes that just don’t seem teachable. On songs like “Stock Image” and “Thingamajig,” she exhibits an otherworldly, operatic beauty, while on “Freak Out” and “Cost Your Love,” there’s a bouncy, sugary and simple joy marked by frenetic synths, grounding guitars and spry percussion. Even the largest songs have a clear sense of intimacy while introspective tracks like “Baby Girl” and “What We’ve Made” are distinctly grand. A lyric from “What We’ve Made” is a perfect metaphor for the album. She sings, “We make tiny happinesses in each moment,” which is exactly what this record feels like.

She handcrafts everyday situations into something angelic yet relatable and celebratory yet poignant. Her appeal extends well beyond the realms of pop as there’s a distinct, developed lyrical voice and a dynamic, extraordinary literal voice that makes 2018 feel much less scary and isolating and much more pure and magical.

Premonitions, the new album, is available now:

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Miya Folick has shared new single ‘Thingamajig’! Quickly gaining admirers across the globe, Miya Folick’s bold, operatic vocals are both divine and burly. Toggling from the angelic pop heights of “Stock Image” and the intoxicating delicate vocal loops of “Thingamajig” to the tempestuous, #MeToo-inspired call to arms of “Deadbody” and the fierce, buoyant “Freak Out,” worthy of closing the world’s greatest party, Folick is nothing if not dynamic. Premonitions proves she’s capable of framing her otherworldly, glistening pop as both intimate, grounding inner monologues and towering pop epics. The one constant is her success in morphing from one sound to another without having to bend over backwards in a way that feels gimmicky or jarring.

The new track follows on from her previous singles ‘Stop Talking’, ‘Stock Image’and ‘Deadbody’ and is taken from her debut album, ‘Premonitions’, due out 26th October. The album was co-produced with Justin Raisen (Sky Ferreira, Charli XCX, Santigold and Angel Olsen) and Yves Rothman.

‘Thingamajig’ is the opening track of the album and is a slower, more contemplative cut than some of her recent upbeat releases. Along with the track, Miya has shared a note explaining the meaning behind the song.

“Maybe you made a grave mistake out of selfishness or ignorance,” she explains. ”Maybe you were sheltered from the truth, maybe you couldn’t see the lessons presented to you. Maybe you ignored them deliberately. Imagine, next, that someone hurt you in the same way you hurt others and you were forced to confront the cruelty of your actions. That is ‘Thingamajig’. ‘Thingamajig’ is the deepest apology.”


Thank you to everyone listening to and sharing Thingamajig. The day we recorded it, I was lifted out of my body for a moment and when I came back I was crying. I felt so overwhelmed by the magic of music in my life and so grateful to have been a part of such a beautiful song with Justin Raisen, Luke Niccoli and Yves Rothman.

Premonitions begins with “Thingamajig” something you can’t quite recall the name of, but you know exactly what it means and what it feels like. Like the pull of desire that comes with not quite remembering fully. The magnetism of something just on the tip of your tongue. I wanted the album to feel like that thing.

I think a lot about about memory-making as an act of creation, the words we use to describe a memory give shape to and sometimes mutate the memory itself. I believe that the way we choose to describe the events of our lives is not only a means of creative fulfillment, but an absolutely vital part of creating the world we want to live in. When we are dishonest in the present, we create a dishonest future. When we are honest in the present, we create a more honest future. I wanted this album to be the vehicle for a hopeful, truthful, generous, and loving world. I tried not to posture or pretend. I wrote about my life as I’ve seen it and how I’d like to see it, as both memory and premonition.

The producers, Justin Raisen and Yves Rothman, and I spent months collecting organic sounds to fill the world of this record. We threw away everything that felt false and tried to keep the soul of each song alive. I hope Premonitions gives you comfort and joy. I hope it feels like all the mysterious details of your lives, all your massive and mundane glories. I hope it reminds you that there is beauty in the details. Rainbows in your sprinklers. Drinking water from a hose. The way it felt to make a friend for the first time. Locking yourself in a bathroom to avoid everyone. Dancing until your shins burn. Leaving your phone in an Uber and making your best friend drive you an hour away to knock on a stranger’s door after locating it on Find My Phone. Losing a friend. Losing yourself. Remembering.

Releases October 26th, 2018


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