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There is a warm haziness in the musical landscape of the song. Melchor’s vocals wax emotion while the backing vocals punctuate and echo the sweet sentiments. Though the time difference from the East Coast to the West Coast coast may seem like a mere three hours, many of us know just how much of a difference those few hours can make. We’ll be looking to hear more from this precocious new artist!.



“I Don’t Wanna See You Cryin’ Anymore” is a simple folk sound with a brilliantly played acoustic guitar lines that pulls from elements of jazz, blues, and folk music. The slow picking, sets a perfect tone for Adam Melchor’s gorgeous voice to float on top.  In reality the song is an apology type song. Adam is singing to a close friend that he has let down, and he is owning up to the mess that he had made with this beautiful song. He comes across as being a caring and genuine person through the emotional and heartfelt delivery of the vocals. The acoustic nature of the song gives more room for the lyrics to really be heard and digested, and hopefully that means Adam Melchor’s apology has been accepted. Adam Melchor is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who is currently based in Los Angeles, CA. “I Don’t Wanna See You Cryin’ Anymore” is the closing song on his 2019 EP titled “Plan on You.” 

I Don’t Wanna See You Crying’ Anymore – Adam Melchor

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Adam Melchor graduated college with a degree in opera, but as a singer-songwriter, he specializes in dreamy, harmony-dense, Technicolor folk-pop songs like “Three Hours Ahead,” which celebrates a friendship that transcends time zones. Melchor, who recently moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles, sings about what he knows: the search for personal growth and connection, overcoming doubt and holding onto the slivers of the past worth keeping. The relocation proved to be fruitful and has since propelled the singer-songwriter’s career as an artist.

Acoustic singer/songwriter Adam Melchor is also streaming a new song titled “Plan On You.” The track is taken from Melchor’s new Plan On You EP set to arrive on March 20th. Check out the new song below.

With a soft instrumental introduction and Melchor’s delicate indie vocals, “Plan On You” brings us to a nostalgic place. Surrounded by unknown plans, the opera-singer-turned-bedroom-folk-artist sings of the one certainty in his life, crooning, “I don’t have a plan/ I just planned on you.” An ode to the modern love song, Melchor illustrates his brilliant ability to write simple and raw lyrics that resonate with you long after the song has reached its end.

written and performed by Adam Melchor drums by Jon Gilbert