PILLOW QUEENS – ” State of the State “

Posted: December 7, 2018 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Pillow Queens wallpaper

It;s been a triumphant year for the Irish-quartet Pillow Queens ending recently with a sold-out homecoming show at Dublin’s musical-institution, Whelan’s. It was just rewards for what has been an incredible year for the band. It was a year that began rather wonderfully back in March, with the release of their second EP, State Of The State, a record that offers the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer. The poppy riffs and delightfully intertwined vocal harmonies conjure images of those sunny days spent out in countryside retreats. However, dig a little deeper and there is an undertone of pain, anxiety and paranoia.

Following up the delightfully infectious debut ‘Calm Girls’ EP, This Irish all-girl indie collective Pillow Queens continue to tackle the most difficult of subjects with a wry, knowing smile. ‘State of The State’ delves into the frustrations of modern life and trying to battle against the system that has left us that little bit poorer. Those frustrations are bore out through this 4-track EP. On opener ‘Puppets’ vocalist Sarah Corcoran confronts the stress induced through striving to be a success. Working long hours just to make the slightest change to daily life but the constant knockbacks that ultimately chip away at a person’s mental state (“dead on my feet and down on my luck”).

Through the guise of these upbeat melodies and sunny harmonies it allows Pillow Queens to confront these issues in an altogether different manner. ‘Cuckoo’ takes the role of a rowing couple who are struggling to find an answer for “is this worth it anymore?” as Corcoran serenades a chorus to her figurative beau in the eye-rolling “I’m no better than you and I’m a cuckoo”.


Lead single ‘Favourite’ tries to make sense of managing those unmistakable highs while closer ‘Ragin’ offers an ode to simply letting things go and allowing grudges melt away. ‘State of The State’ is a beautifully crafted EP that offers heartfelt realism in every beat. State Of The State is a record of wonderful contrasts, the perfect harmonies and glistening production juxtaposing with the darkness of their lyrical content, as they tackle themes of mental health, sexuality and the ups and downs that life throws at us all. The state of the state was something crossing many people’s minds on both sides of the Irish sea this year, and few people documented their anger better than Pillow Queens.

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