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Limited to 500 Copies (250 on Yellow and 250 on Red). Allie Hanlon’s Peach Kelli Pop returns after 2 years with a 6 song EP. In December 2017, Hanlon spent a week in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada. She recorded the EP in just four days, utilizing the dust-coated equipment left in her bedroom after she emigrated to the United States in 2013. “I really benefited from being in the specific home, and even room where I learned to play music when I was growing. Upon first listen, a new level of vulnerability is instantly detectable, effectively separating this release from any of the bands previous creations. This new intimacy is due to the predominantly autobiographical lyrics: songs about isolation, depression and feeling like an outsider in Hanlon’s current home of Los Angeles. Which Witch is akin to the Red Cross’ Posh Boy EP – both have 6 songs, each close to a minute long.


All 4 members of Peach Kelli Pop are outspoken Redd Kross fans; which comes as no surprise: the band is named after a Redd Kross song. On earlier material, Hanlon’s voice was passive, frequently inaudible and blanketed in reverb. Those days are gone; She now sings with confidence and clarity, demonstrating a refreshing assertiveness not seen before in her work. Which Witch holds the first glimpse of an evolution, a new stage in which Hanlon is finally no longer holding back.


I don’t know for sure if this Los Angeles DIY four-piece purposefully chose to release Gentle Leader on the weekend that is traditionally considered the gateway to summer. But either way, it is a match made in heaven, as Peach Kelli Pop’s vibrant tracks are perfect for warm weather and bright days. It’s the first record that the band has released as a collaborative effort, which only benefits the music’s urgency.


co-released by Mint Records and Bachelor Records
Released May 25th, 2018

Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop Sounds like: If chiptune foremother Manami Matsumae composed California surf-punk for a Nintendo soundtrack inspired by Shonen Knife playing a sock hop. Ottawa transplant Allie Hanlon uses catchy bubblegum to cover her earnest lyricism with enough sugar to make it stick with adoring teens from Tokyo to Echo Park.