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Limited to 500 Copies (250 on Yellow and 250 on Red). Allie Hanlon’s Peach Kelli Pop returns after 2 years with a 6 song EP. In December 2017, Hanlon spent a week in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada. She recorded the EP in just four days, utilizing the dust-coated equipment left in her bedroom after she emigrated to the United States in 2013. “I really benefited from being in the specific home, and even room where I learned to play music when I was growing. Upon first listen, a new level of vulnerability is instantly detectable, effectively separating this release from any of the bands previous creations. This new intimacy is due to the predominantly autobiographical lyrics: songs about isolation, depression and feeling like an outsider in Hanlon’s current home of Los Angeles. Which Witch is akin to the Red Cross’ Posh Boy EP – both have 6 songs, each close to a minute long.


All 4 members of Peach Kelli Pop are outspoken Redd Kross fans; which comes as no surprise: the band is named after a Redd Kross song. On earlier material, Hanlon’s voice was passive, frequently inaudible and blanketed in reverb. Those days are gone; She now sings with confidence and clarity, demonstrating a refreshing assertiveness not seen before in her work. Which Witch holds the first glimpse of an evolution, a new stage in which Hanlon is finally no longer holding back.



Here is an absolute gem from another Canadaian a singer songwriter’s and my first introduction to Ottawa’s Kalle Mattson and I’ve been enthralled by his Ryan Adams-esque songwriting charms. His latest record, Avalanche, contains six tracks and we could argue all day about whether it ought to be deemed an album or an EP or a mini-album, but all that needs to be said is that this is the strongest, most cohesive and affecting body of work I heard all year.

Kalle: “Avalanche took it to the next level in a lot of ways, there’s been a lot of really positive things. I’d never had songs on Canadian radio before and that’s been a really big thing for me. This was my first record on a major label in Canada and we did a lot of video stuff too.”

These were six songs I was writing for another record but it didn’t feel like they totally connected to the batch of songs that no-one’s heard yet. They fit together as a mini-record. Even though it’s maybe considered an EP, or whatever, there’s flow to it, the songs connect to each other lyrically. They were the first six I wrote after Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold [released in 2014]. That record took a lot out of me. I was writing about my mom [who died when he was 16]. It’s hard to follow up something that’s your life all in this one entity”.

Recorded live off the floor @Birdman Sound, Ottawa by Bill Guerrero, Mastered by Chris Hardman 2015. From the forthcoming Cardinal Fuzz release “Masters Of The Molehill” by The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol.

Why have I only just discovered this band when there have been 9 other albums preceding this one??! If any of the back catalogue is half as good as this then I need to do some serious record hunting (though it may be a challenging task as it seems that TBWNIAS like to release records in very small quantities and a quick scan of Discogs and eBay proves rather unsuccessful!). This, along with the live Black Bombaim record (see below), is the final release of 2015 for Cardinal Fuzz in what has been a (yet another!) year of excellent and essential releases.

Quite simply this is an incredible album. Isnt it alway the best thing when you put on a record without prior knowledge or misconceptions of and then just floored by it. With motorik beats, drones, trance-like, incendiary guitar, head-nodding. All of these could be used to describe “Masters of the Molehill” .What a great way for the Cardinal label to sign off 2015….with a record and band that I simply want more and more of.

Masters of the Molehill by The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol (Cardinal Fuzz Records/ Captcha)