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Over the last three years or so, Body Type have emerged as one of our favourite newcomers within the indie-pop realm, with their consistently on-point lyricism and their versatile, guitar-charged instrumentals holding strong as they’ve grown and matured as a band. While their debut single “Ludlow”back in 2016 was one that turned heads, their debut EP – last year’s Body Type– was one that solidified their place within our scene, bringing a particular energy and flavour that has really yet to be fleshed out from other musicians, giving them a unique lane to shine. Their latest single Stingray looks ahead at another triumphant year bound for the four-piece, announcing that their forthcoming second EP, the aptly-titled EP2, will arrive via Partisan Records / Inertia Music, while showcasing what to expect from the five-track release. 

Stingray is a breezy slice of indie-pop-rock that Body Type have come to champion over the last few years, with Sophie’s vocal flowing alongside the single’s instrumental which rises, falls and swirls with this playful, light-hearted feel. “This is a song about observing my friends being stuck in relationship ruts and trying to shake them out of it, reminding them of their power to sting and swim away gracefully. Stingray is lifted from EP2, out now via Partisan Records & Inertia Music:


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Sydney-based quartet  Body Type released their critically acclaimed debut EP1 last year and generated a huge buzz after playing SXSW in 2019. The band who comprise of Sophie McComish (guitar and vox), Annabel Blackman (guitar and vox), Georgia Wilkinson-Derums (bass and vox), Cecil Coleman (drums) released their second EP, entitledEP2 this year. “Free To Air” may well be the tune that initially hooks people in. It’s slightly more reflective than their previous release the spiky jagged glory that was “Stingray” but proves that Body Type has got what it takes to make a huge dent in 2020.

“Free To Air” eddies and flows driven by spidery guitars and gorgeous vocal harmonies. It’s a song tinged with beauty and poignancy and is a perfect example of how to craft artful, dazzling, intelligent evocative indie-pop with some style.

Stingray is lifted from EP2, out now via Partisan Records & Inertia Music:

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Body Type’s second EP sounds a step removed from the snarling attitude that the Sydney band exhibited on its debut EP from last year. They gravitate toward more confident hooks, even amid a greater sense of atmosphere. Everything about Body Type on “EP2” sounds bigger, their soaring rock songs built around fuzzy harmonies and barreling energy. On “Stingray,” they sing about an animal that has no spine but is still eager to shock — an apt analogy from a band whose music goes from placid to incisive on the turn of a dime, like a stingray lying in wait for its prey.

“Stingray” is lifted from EP2, out now via Partisan Records & Inertia Music:

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A big Rough Trade tip for 2019! This jangly, buzzing, dreamy lot are just the right amount of grrrrrrl power that 2019 has been gagging for. Skirting between all kinds of lo-fi DIY punk with grace and glory. The songs channel the dream pop goodness of Lush/Alvvays and the joyous energy of a first listen to Big Moon. This gang’s (and they feel like a proper gang – I mean I’m not messing with them) first 2 EPs are now available on vinyl for the first time, and Rough Trade Exclusive slime-coloured vinyl at that.

Band Members: sophie mccomish (guitar + vox) // annabel blackman (guitar + vox) // georgia wilkinson-derums (bass + vox) // cecil coleman (drums)

This video was filmed in the Blue Mountains region. Body Type would like to acknowledge the Darug and Gundungurra people, who are the Traditional Custodians of this land. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded

“Uma” is lifted from EP2 out now via Partisan Records & Inertia Music:

Body Type

This effortlessly cool Sydney quartet offer everything we want from indie-rock in 2019: lush guitar melodies, a willingness to mix things up, and a readiness to sing about feelings with feeling. Last year, they released their anticipated debut EP:

Band Members
Sophie Mccomish (guitar + vox) // Annabel Blackman (guitar + vox) // Georgia Wilkinson-derums (bass + vox) // Cecil Coleman (drums)