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Image of Macseal- Yeah, No, I Know

The phrase “yeah, no, I know” crams two opposite thoughts together out of indecision, surrender, or both. As the title of Macseal’s second EP, it’s clear that the New York five-piece may volley between two close corners of the indie-rock universe with syrupy pop-punk and serpentine emo , At least that way it’s neither a sugar rush nor a comedown, but an eager introduction to a set of songs thrumming excitedly in the interim.

As the first release recorded with an outside party Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball“Yeah, No, I Know” is given more creative space to breathe outside the DIY chamber. (In fact, the set’s slowest cut, “These Things Happen,” found Cole Szilagyi’s yelp recorded,

Macseal are 1 of the bands that I think are doing the best. Their EP, Yeah, No, I Know, is still bringing something exciting and interesting to the table. Their back and forth vocals, twinkly guitars, and emotional screams keep me coming back again .


Macseal is: 
Ryan Bartlett
Justin Canavaciol
Greg Feltman
Francesca Impastato
Cole Szilagyi

Recorded at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia, PA


Indie rock band from Echo Park in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Band  Black English with Laura Burhenn of the Mynabirds covering “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen

For a six-piece they don’t make a huge sound on record (live they’re a different proposition), preferring a more considered approach that allows the emotion in the songs to pour out of the speakers and envelop the listener and the huge hooks in most of the tracks to pull you in. They manage that fine trick of sounding intimate, like they’re addressing you personally, whilst the songs could fill big arenas if you turn the guitars and drums up.

NO released their debut album “El Prado” in February. The album was originally released when the band was known as NO, but during the year they changed their name to Black English due to confusion with other bands using the same name.