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The Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger

The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger is Sean Lennon and his girlfriend, the fashion model Charlotte Kemp Muhl. This song is an ode to the grandson of oil tycoon Paul Getty, who in 1973 was abducted for ransom by Italian kidnappers and had his ear cut off before his grandfather finally agreed to their demands. Paul III was permanently affected by the trauma and became a drug addict and later suffered a stroke, which rendered him speechless, nearly blind and partially paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Sean Lennon does currently resemble his father circa 1969. He and Charlotte Kemp Muhl have been songwriting partners (and also a couple) for six years, progressing from sweet acoustic sketches to the psych-rock of their current album, Midnight Sun, a big, crashy record that salutes Sgt Pepper and air-kisses the Flaming Lips.

With Muhl on bass and four capable, boho-looking utility players whipping up wigged-out guitar spirals and organ swirls, the GOASTT create a swampy, forceful sound. Lennon favours a mic that flattens and frazzles his voice.

Sean Lennon and his psychedelia Rock Band THE GHOST OF THE SABRE TOOTH TIGER ,

It’s only just over a year since C Duncan released his swooning, Mercury-nominated debut ‘Architect’. The Glaswegian folk artist’s second album sounds more experimental: on lead single ‘Wanted To Want It Too’ he’s delving into synth territory. The Glaswegian sound architect may be inspired by ’60s sci-fi TV classic “The Twilight Zone”, but the sleeve art depicts the stairway from the flat in which he both lives and records. These however both seem peculiarly apt, as ‘The Midnight Sun’ has an uncanny knack for summoning the otherworldly in the everyday. Whilst his choral vocal passages and electronic soundscapes may summon a pastoral kind of chill, his melodic nous and songwriting skill memorably anchor the moody atmospherics, offering an eerie and affecting work likely to offer succour to fans of James Blake and The Blue Nile both.


Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl formed the band in 2008 ” The Ghost of The Sabre Tooth Tiger” here performing a song from the superb album “The Midnight Sun” this song has a distinctively psychedelia feel to it, soft and dreamy with a bohemian atmosphere the catchiest song on the album “Xanadu” performed  live for KUTX in Austin Texas. this is their first real album having recently supported Beck in the states. Lennon the son of John Lennon and multi instrumentalist Charlotte Kemp Muhl a succesful model who has featured in the Maybelline line of products,  The album received strong critical response with its eastern tones.


the band formed by Sean Lennon and his significant other model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, the band known simply as TGOTSTT are touring the USA at present and a new album is streaming on NPR titled “Midnight Sun” the sound is wildy dream psychedelia

sabre tooth

he is the son of Beatle John Lennon so that distinctive voice is very similar she is his significant other Charlotte Kemp Muhl a well known model, soft psychedelia sounds , it all sounds a little like a continuation of “I am the Walrus” but its so good too, but check out the title track “Midnight Sun” its awesome