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Margaux - Cave In

Autumn—the romantic season of fiery, golden leaves, nipping winds and hot, steaming mugs of coffee—never lasts long enough. “December came too fast,” sings Margaux Bouchegnies over the delicately lo-fi intro to her new single, “Cave In.” The Seattle bred, Brooklyn-based 20-year-old singer-songwriter counts Joni Mitchell among her main influences. Even in its nascent stage, Margaux’s songwriting internalizes Mitchell’s touch for bluesy naturalism. About a minute in, “Cave In” dynamically shifts to crunchier instrumentation. From there, subtle scene changes abound; like stomping on an overdrive pedal, “Cave In” quickly jumps between jarring fuzziness and melodic resolution. Snail Mail and Car Seat Headrest come to mind: both artists write incredibly mature and lush arrangements that, primarily, originate from the guitar. Like them, Margaux’s patient storytelling intertwines with softly-confident vocal execution. Yet, it’s her penchant for airy, symphonic production (see: “Palm,” her other recent single) that sets Margaux apart. Combined with—and perhaps even thanks to—her deft guitar playing, her ambitious songwriting already feels fully actualized.

The second single off of Margaux’s debut EP, “More Brilliant is the Hand that Throws the Coin”, out November 15th, 2019, on Massif Records.

Margaux is a singer-songwriter living between Seattle and Brooklyn, NY. Brooklynite, Margaux Bouchegnies, Aka simply Margaux to the record buying public, is set to release her lengthily titled debut EP, “More Brilliant Is The Hand that Throws the Coin”, next week. Ahead of that release, this week Margaux has shared her latest offering, “Cave In”.


Cave In a fascinating game of two halves, starting life all airy and intricate, like those lo-fi early Angel Olsen recordings, before suddenly exploding into life at the fifty second mark when a rumble of claustrophobic bass slams into view. From there the track, starts to gently distort and warp, reinventing itself as a slice of emotive 90’s rock nodding to Julia Jacklin or Snail Mail. Lyrically, the track seems to deal with a futile attempt to reinvent yourself in the eyes of another, one second, “climbing out of somebody’s memory”, the next, “haunted by the same old, same thing, everything”. A track that’s got more intriguing ideas going on than many people’s whole albums, Margaux is arriving in style and doesn’t look like going anywhere.


More Brilliant Is The Hand that Throws the Coin is out November 15th via Massif Records.