FEWS – ” If Things Go On Like This “

Posted: May 16, 2016 in MUSIC
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While most bands are birthed in dingy basements and musty garages, the seeds of FEWS were sown on a MySpace page circa 2006. It was on the social networking site that the post-punk outfit’s founding members Fred, a Bay Area native, and David, a Swede, crossed paths and forged a musical kinship despite being thousands of miles apart.

The two bonded over what they described as “outsider” music like Television Personalities and Ian Dury and the Blockheads, as well an obsession with Interpol guitarist Daniel Kessler. After five years of online exchanges, they finally met face to face in Stockholm to drink beers and talk music. Not long after, David delved deep into electronic music and Fred made it a point to fly out and join him on his Berlin club-going excursions. They eventually got a place together in Malmö, a city in southern Sweden just a train ride away from places likes of Copenhagen and Berlin, and recruited two additional musicians to make their ideas officially come to life as FEWS.

As a band, FEWS echo Fred and David’s musical friendship over the years, the times they spent poring over the likes of Antics and Our Love to Admire and sweating the night away at German dance spots. Take for example the band’s latest single “If Things Go On Like This”. Produced by veteran Dan Carey (The Kills, Bat for Lashes), the three-minute cut takes its cue from bleary post-punk, but drives with the contagious pop pulse of a club jam.


Of the song’s backstory, “We’d been working on this on and off for a while, we had so many new songs it almost got forgotten. During the album sessions (producer) Dan remembered it from the first demos he heard and asked where it was so we tried it. On the original recording you can hear everyone at the end saying, ‘Shit! That sounded great!’”


“If Things Go On Like This” is taken from FEWS’ Carey-produced debut album, “MEANS”, due out May 20th via PIAS (Play It Again Sam). For more, check out early singles “The Zoo” and “100 Goosebumps”.


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