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The Struts launched their new “Sunday Service” live stream series on YouTube – complete with an impressive cover of the Spice Girls’ 1997 hit single ‘Stop’. Filmed from each of the band members’ individual homes in Los Angeles, the weekly live stream will be a regular series from The Struts while they are self-isolating, and will air on the band’s YouTube every Sunday at noon PST. In just a few years,

The Struts have found themselves massively embraced by some of the greatest icons in rock-and-roll history. Along with opening for The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Guns N’ Roses, the U.K.-bred four-piece was hand-picked by Mötley Crüe to serve as the supporting act for their last-ever performances, while Dave Grohl praised them as the best band to ever open for Foo Fighters. After making their full-length debut with 2016’s Everybody Wants, The Struts now return with asecond album “Young & Dangerous a sophomore album that cements their status as one of the most unstoppably passionate and endlessly thrilling bands making rock music today.

“As British boys, it will come as no surprise that we were all once enamoured with the Spice Girls”, shared frontman Luke Spiller in a statement about the song – which came off of the girl group’s sophomore album, Spiceworld. “This song still holds a lot of memories and is a true piece of pop perfection. Long live ‘Girl Power.’” Meanwhile, bassist Jed Elliot queued up the song on the live stream, saying “We wanted to pay homage to one of our musical heroes, somebody very close to our hearts. And this is a little something for you guys that are at home craving that little ‘human touch.’”

The band’s bouncy cover of ‘Stop’ would have made any of the Spice Girls proud. Elliot, who also manned the keyboards, sang sweet back-up vocal harmonies, while guitarist Adam Slack took a cue from the single’s original music video, offering his best dance moves.

This week is Episode 7 and a very special SundayService because we are celebrating our very own Jed Elliott who had a birthday on Friday and don’t miss Welsh lessons from Geth and a guitar rundown from Addo...The Struts present “Sunday Service” Episode 7.

SundayService Episode 6 coming in hot Featuring a long-lost solo piano version of One Night Only for all your pleasure. In addition to the performance, the inaugural edition of “Sunday Service” offered the Struts’ fans an intimate peek into the band members’ lives while in quarantine in Los Angeles,

THIS WEEK on SundayService: A look behind the scenes of recording “Somebody New”, a live performance of “In Love With A Camera”, and Adam and Gethin announce the cure for your quarantine blues.

The Struts and Sunday Service episode 4

The Struts Sunday Service Episode 3,

The Struts and their Sunday Service Episode 2

The Struts Sunday Service Episode 1,

Struts fans have plenty of content to enjoy while isolating amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to weekly “Sunday Service” episodes, Luke Spiller has been streaming “Quarantine Radio” live from his home every Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 7:30 pm PST. Additional inspired content has also been popping up on the band’s various socials, including a recent guitar tutorial from Slack.

Band Members
Luke Spiller – Lead Vocals
Addo Slack – Guitar and Vocals
Jed Elliott – Bass and Vocals
Gethin Davies – Drums.

the struts spice girls cover

“Stop” has always been one of the catchier songs from the Spice Girls’ popular period. Originally appearing on the group’s 1997 sophomore album Spiceworld, the song was a throwback to the early Motown sounds of the Supremes. As one whose tastes always skewed retro, I like “Stop” highlighted the connection between the ‘90s and ‘60s girl groups. Though it wasn’t their biggest hit at the time, “Stop” has endured; it’s currently the Spice Girls’ second-most-streamed track on Spotify.

The song recently got a rock n’ roll overhaul courtesy of the Struts. The British rock group released a power-pop cover of the track that would have been a good fit for The Ed Sullivan Show. The band kept the song’s original pounding backbeat in place. They then infused it with hard-rockin’ guitar and lead vocalist Luke Spiller’s Mick Jagger-style vocals. With the cover, they channelled another popular ‘60s tradition: male rock bands covering girl group songs. Think the Beatles’ version of the Marvelettes “Please Mr. Postman,” the Beach Boys’ reworking of the Crystals’ “Then He Kissed Me,” or Vanilla Fudge’s take on the Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.”

The Struts released a social-distancing friendly video “Live from the Living Room.” It featured members of the group singing, playing and dancing along to the song either alone or with one of their dogs. Sure, these are serious times, but it’s still good to “Stop” and have a little fun as well.

The Struts Perform a Stones-y Spice Girls Cover from Their Homes

The Struts are hell bent on becoming the biggest band on the planet the same way The Darkness once were. They have the chops, but neither of their albums have dented the Billboard Top 100 yet (2014’s Everybody Wants). That said, with giant “should be hits” on each platter and a relentless touring schedule opening for the likes of Foo Fighters, I have a feeling they will eventually have the last laugh.

The Struts, hailing from the East Midlands in the UK, have a head start on the revivalist circuit – two years into the game, in 2014, they opened for the Stones in Paris, before even releasing their debut LP Everybody Wantsa flash pot of musical theater shtick, glam-rock camp and pop-punk snot that suggested a band in on the joke but still committed to it. Frontman Luke Spiller – even the name is a punchline — is a mix of Freddie Mercury, Noel Gallagher and Julian Casablancas, has a thing for trilling his Rs, and clearly never met a hand-clap-driven shout-along he didn’t adore. “Kiss This” was the band’s first notable achievement, and their second LP advances the notion that maybe ignoring the last 30 or 40 years of pop trends isn’t the best approach.

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The Struts have released a new single, “Primadonna Like Me,” from their upcoming second album, following the launch of the lead track, “Body Talks,” back in June.

“‘Primadonna Like Me’ was written about my stage character, my alter ego,” singer Luke Spiller said in a statement. “It’s this completely deluded guy running around his small town, all dressed to the nines — a full-on 21st century dandy going around saying, ‘Don’t you know who I think I am?’”

The band’s label described the song as “A foot-stomping, disco-inflected, glitter-drenched rocker, full of Stones-y swagger and boasting a chorus that has already had audiences worldwide roaring it back at the band within seconds of hearing it.”

The band hasn’t released any details of the follow-up to its 2016 debut LP, Everybody Wants, but Spiller recently said he thinks “everyone’s really going to enjoy it.” “We were very much aware that even though the band has lived with the first album and the songs that come with it for quite a while, for everyone else, it’s relatively fresh,” he noted.

“So I felt like it was really important to make this second album somewhat depart from the first one. Not a departure musically, I didn’t want to go completely left. I think it’s important to give people more of what they fall in love with.”

The British band, which recently completed a tour with the Foo Fighters,

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The Struts are about to go back out on the road with the Foo Fighters armed with some new music. The glam-influenced band from Derby in the U.K, , Have just released “Body Talks,” the lead single from their upcoming second album.

Frontman Luke Spiller said in a press release that “Body Talks” was “a fully charged blues dance rock anthem that will have you moving across the room and straight onto the dance floor. Complete with some of the best guitars riffs of the past 10 years and guess what? This is only the beginning.” Details on the album, the follow-up to 2016’s Everybody Wants, have yet to be announced, but last month Spiller disclosed that the band was in the process of mixing it.

“I think everyone’s really going to enjoy it,” he said. “We were very much aware that even though the band has lived with the first album and the songs that come with it for quite a while, for everyone else, it’s relatively fresh. So I felt like it was really important to make this second album somewhat depart from the first one. Not a departure musically, I didn’t want to go completely left. I think it’s important to give people more of what they fall in love with.”

The band recently sold out four nights at the Roxy in Los Angeles,

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The Struts have been getting some of their biggest exposure to date in the U.S. serving as the opening act on the Foo Fighters’ North American tour.

While supporting a major arena rock band historically comes with, at best, indifferent reactions from the audience, the quartet has been winning over audiences with its glam-inspired sound and image. For frontman Luke Spiller, it’s all because of their approach to their shows.

“I want to make sure everyone leaves with a big smile, everyone has their money’s worth,” he said “Most importantly, just fun. Forgetting about what’s happening and escaping for an hour and a half, or maybe more.”

That desire to please has led to a pre-gig routine that begins 12 hours before Spiller takes the stage. It includes, having girlfriend Linda Cartier begin applying his makeup at least three hours in advance so that it’s ready for the meet-and-greets. But he does find time to loosen up with an AC/DC playlist and a whiskey and Diet Coke.

Formed in 2009 in Derby, England, the Struts have since relocated to Los Angeles, and released their debut full-length, Everybody Wants, in 2014 to acclaim, with “Could Have Been Me” becoming a rock radio hit. Musically, they’ve drawn comparisons to Queen, particularly with regard to Spiller’s over-the-top vocals and stage presence.

It’s one that Spiller, who looks quite a bit like the moustache-free Freddie Mercury, welcomes, and last year he penned a Top 10 Queen song list for Louder Music where he eschewed their hits in favor of deeper cuts. “They brought me into a musical world that I felt a real connection to,” he wrote. “Everyone else was listening to indie rock like the Killers and Razorlight and the Libertines. I was, like, ‘No, this is my world.’”

Spiller has even sought out Zandra Rhodes, who designed costumes for Mercury and Brian May, on his mother’s advice. Rhodes created a pair of tops for Spiller, including, he noted, a “shimmering, cobalt blue frock with hand-painted gold accents.”

The Queen fixation has come in handy on the Foos tour, where Spiller regularly joined the band onstage for a cover of “Under Pressure,” with drummer Taylor Hawkins taking the David Bowie part while Dave Grohl gets behind the drums. One night’s performance was so intense that it led to Spiller having a sort of wardrobe malfunction.

“I remember I gave Taylor a quick hug, and as we were saying thank you to the crowd and I walked off — I hugged Dave Grohl, and he sort of said in my ear, ‘That was so great, man,’ and I was about to walk away. And he grabbed me again, and he was like, ‘You know what happened yesterday, after I got back to my microphone after ‘Under Pressure,’ there were sequins all over my pedal board.’

Last week it was announced that they will return as the Foos‘ opening act when the tour resumes in July. But between now and then, you can also catch them on the road, playing clubs and festival stages through June 3.

The Struts have also finished recording their second album, although it’s in the process of being mixed. “I think everyone’s really going to enjoy it,” he said. “We were very much aware that even though the band has lived with the first album and the songs that come with it for quite a while, for everyone else, it’s relatively fresh. So I felt like it was really important to make this second album somewhat depart from the first one. Not a departure musically, I didn’t want to go completely left. I think it’s important to give people more of what they fall in love with.”



Derbyshire based Band THE STRUTS have their new album out Tilted “Everybody Wants” they are such a great live band with echoes of the Stones and Queen, Luke Spiller the vocalist is one of the best frontmen you’ll come across last year they were playing small venues but recently supported the Rolling Stones in Paris.



The Struts are a band with the flamboyance, the style, and the Strut to make it huge, they just know so well how to write a Rock Song with a tremendous Riff and a vocal refrain that you’ll just remember……….their album “Everybody Wants”  is just full of superb songs each songs stands alone as an anthemic tune with a sound like the Stones, Queen,and  The Faces this is the song that makes Luke Spiller the vocalist, sound like Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant, He certainly is one of the best vocalists Ive seen and heard,  check out the other clips of this wonderful midlands band and definitely catch them live if you can. Luke added his distinctive vocals to the new project from the Tubular bells man Mike Oldfield on his new album recently.

The Struts originate from Derby now signed to EMI big things are happening  after some excellent live shows  they supported the Rolling Stones recently in Paris, their debut album “Everybody Wants” is out now the band really know how to write songs that stick in your mind, the vocalist Luke Spiller has a superb rock voice with echoes of  Freddie Mercury, When I first saw the band they reminded me of the Faces the Stones and Queen so thats a pretty good list,

The Struts are a Derby based band with a great frontman in Luke Spiller, a little bit Glam and a whole lot of a sound maybe owed to the Faces, they have already three or four classic tracks and this is among them ” Kiss This ” has such a swagger and charm about the song and here the guys add a different element as they play an acoustic version.