The STRUTS – ” Fire “

Posted: February 24, 2019 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Struts are hell bent on becoming the biggest band on the planet the same way The Darkness once were. They have the chops, but neither of their albums have dented the Billboard Top 100 yet (2014’s Everybody Wants). That said, with giant “should be hits” on each platter and a relentless touring schedule opening for the likes of Foo Fighters, I have a feeling they will eventually have the last laugh.

The Struts, hailing from the East Midlands in the UK, have a head start on the revivalist circuit – two years into the game, in 2014, they opened for the Stones in Paris, before even releasing their debut LP Everybody Wantsa flash pot of musical theater shtick, glam-rock camp and pop-punk snot that suggested a band in on the joke but still committed to it. Frontman Luke Spiller – even the name is a punchline — is a mix of Freddie Mercury, Noel Gallagher and Julian Casablancas, has a thing for trilling his Rs, and clearly never met a hand-clap-driven shout-along he didn’t adore. “Kiss This” was the band’s first notable achievement, and their second LP advances the notion that maybe ignoring the last 30 or 40 years of pop trends isn’t the best approach.

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