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The Struts are a band with the flamboyance, the style, and the Strut to make it huge, they just know so well how to write a Rock Song with a tremendous Riff and a vocal refrain that you’ll just remember……….their album “Everybody Wants”  is just full of superb songs each songs stands alone as an anthemic tune with a sound like the Stones, Queen,and  The Faces this is the song that makes Luke Spiller the vocalist, sound like Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant, He certainly is one of the best vocalists Ive seen and heard,  check out the other clips of this wonderful midlands band and definitely catch them live if you can. Luke added his distinctive vocals to the new project from the Tubular bells man Mike Oldfield on his new album recently.

The Struts originate from Derby now signed to EMI big things are happening  after some excellent live shows  they supported the Rolling Stones recently in Paris, their debut album “Everybody Wants” is out now the band really know how to write songs that stick in your mind, the vocalist Luke Spiller has a superb rock voice with echoes of  Freddie Mercury, When I first saw the band they reminded me of the Faces the Stones and Queen so thats a pretty good list,

The Struts cover the huge selling hit by Lorde and definately the best version Ive heard from anyone , they say that fame will be easy to handle as already they feel like huge rock stars, well guys you deserve it just because we need these heroes in rock’n’roll