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Following remix work for Björk and Zola Jesus and productions for serpentwithfeet, American experimental musician and producer Katie Gately moves to Houndstooth for her forthcoming album Loom, dedicated to her mother, who passed away in 2018.

Grief is so common a subject in music that to write about it, as harrowing an experience and uniting an emotion as it may be, is to risk treading down paths that other artists have already traveled. On “Loom”, Katie Gately’s haunting follow-up to her playfully chaotic 2016 album Color, the electronic artist avoids this potential trap by taking a completely novel approach to documenting grief. Throughout the LP, Gately (best known for remixing Björk and co-producing serpentwithfeet) processes her mother’s ultimately fatal battle with cancer through not just her own perspective, but through narrators including the disease, its medicine and its victim.

As if the angles Gately takes aren’t unorthodox enough, her bleak soundscapes eschew linear, melodic structures in favor of atmosphere, sound design and samples. Gately says Today I get to share a new song from Loom, “Waltz,” and it comes with a sinuous music video starring one of my absolute heroes: Bobbi Jene Smith

Taken from the “Loom” LP.


Loom is rife with allusions to water, employing it as a compelling motif for navigating through the complexities and paradoxes of romantic relationships. Throughout the album, frontwoman Jessica Weiss conveys her thoughts in an insular first person conversation with a nebulous “you”; arguably, not since The Smiths have we come across a group so hypersensitive of their own inner workings as Fear of MenBrighton, UK based Fear of Men, first introduced in the US via 2013′s much praised singles compilation “Early Fragments,” then they presented their much anticipated debut album “Loom”

Fear of Men is Jessica Weiss (Guitar & Vocals), Daniel Falvey (Guitar), Michael Miles (Drums, Keys).

Brighton, UK based Fear of Men, first introduced themselves in the shape of 2013′s much praised singles compilation “Early Fragments,” they then presented their much anticipated debut album “Loom” for release in April 2014 and has just announced “Fall Forever” for release June 3rd, 2016 on Kanine Records.

After extensively touring in support of their acclaimed debut album, 2014’s ‘Loom’, Fear of Men decamped in the early months of 2015 to an outbuilding of a disused abattoir in rural Kent, England, to begin work on new material. Such an environment was fitting for a band determined to strip their sound back to the bone and build it up to make an album that would, on their live return, “make the stage shake”.

Fear of Men is Jessica Weiss (Guitar & Vocals), Daniel Falvey (Guitar), Michael Miles (Drums, Keys).


Taken from the album ‘Fall Forever’, released June 3rd on Kanine Records. “Fear Of Men are one of the most interesting bands in the UK right now.”

Now back with their second album Fall Forever,  here is their second single “Trauma”, which is about coping with trauma, accepting it, and taking control of it to find empowerment in moving on. “You give me trauma / You give me more than I can bear / I rise above you / I burn my body on the fire,” Weiss sings over dark synths, drilling snares, and feedback that rumbles in the distance like a stormcloud. Building to a crescendo, Weiss frees herself at the end as the music cuts out and the line “There’s nothing to keep me here” echos out on its own.

After staying quiet since their 2014 debut Loom, Brighton trio Fear of Men have returned with the tender and affirming “Island.” Unlike tracks from Loom and 2013’s Early Fragments EP, which recalled the jangly side of C86 fuzz, “Island” favors ethereal production à la Broadcast. “I’m like an island/ I don’t need to feel your arms around me,” Jessica Weiss sings, before explaining that her protective membrane has grown after being “scared to be the stronger one.” The humor of a band called Fear of Men singing a song about isolation is fitting, but there is no fear here, only strength and determination.

Against quiet wisps and swelling strings, Weiss calls out like a siren for independence and self-love. “I’ll be brave, get what I want/ Woman of wax forever more,” she declares with a hint of vulnerability. Although we encounter it most often in its stoic form, wax is supple and transformative. It melts and wears down, but it ultimately hardens. The comparison of self to wax might sound severe, but it’s a material that’s accepting of change.



London five-piece Loom return with the release of visceral two track EP on Raft Records, a label run by Faris and Tarik Badwan in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory. This double A-sided 7″ single is housed in a bespoke colour sleeve, and limited to 500 copies worldwide. ‘Bleed On Me’ is a massive leap forward for Loom and sounds like ‘Bleach’ era Nirvana. It’s brash, dirty and perfectly formed.



FEAR OF MEN – Sleeper “

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Fear Of Men, who released their debut album Loom earlier this year, have put out a cover of Ty Segall’s “Sleeper,” from his 2013 album of the same name. The Brighton-based four-piece turns the hushed strumming of the original into a layered, sparkling dreamscape, with frontwoman Jess Weiss’ feathery vocals giving the song a softer touch.


This debut album by Fear of Men comes partly from projects completed in an English art school by frontwoman Jessica Weiss, but often seems to be driven by trans-Atlantic dreams with songs such as “America.” In an interview She Says the band claimed to listen to Simon & Garfunkel while writing and recording this album, and when they all first came to the United States they played Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” as their plane touched down. In recording, the band shook around amps until they broke and cut up a speaker to get a perfect roughing up of the generally clean guitar-driven songs. The ground covered with “Loom” may have been a bit too previously treaded, but the rough edges of these recordings really go a long way and what could have sounded safe or sugary, often plays as a legitimately fun, thumping and bouncing album instead.


Brighton, UK based Fear of Men, first introduced in the US via last year’s much praised singles compilation “Early Fragments,” Now their much anticipated debut album “Loom” was released end of April on Kanine Records.

The title of the album both alludes to the interweaving textures that run throughout the record and references the darkness that hovers above much of Fear of Men’s output. Rather than simply marrying a handful of influences, Fear of Men designs their music from an almost uncomfortably personal place. Weiss broadcasts crippling disconnection, boredom and sexual dread with all the dour verve of a young Morrissey. The band flit between dire philosophical observations and listless melancholia, riding melodies that sentiments come off more like lazy sighs. The songs owe as much to the writing of Anais Nin or Fassbinder’s films as they do to the cold sonic atmospheres of the Chills or Broadcast. Classical instrumentation appears throughout “Loom”, warped and distorted alongside musical saws and backwards guitars, giving a sense of the imperfect to the album’s pristine pop melodies.




Brighton band FEAR OF MEN have issued this album “Fragments” dating back to 2013 prior to the album “LOOM” which came out in April this year,


LOOM – ” I Get a Taste ”

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Loom headed up by Faris Badwan brother from the Horrors Taris the single is out now and backed by a cover of the Zombies song “Shes Not There” this is their second single released on Luv Luv Luv Records.


taken from the highly anticipated LOOM album is this version sung in French which adds even more to the mystic of the songs appeal with the darkness that hovers above much of this Brighton based bands output,