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One night in Paris, a perfect moment preserved and documented for posterity. If you have been lucky enough to see The KVB on their 2019 North American tour, then this live album captures that same energy, that same space perfectly. I very much look forward to being able to see them perform again, but for now “Live at La Cigale” offers a reminder of what we all have to look forward to. The visionary film-maker Christopher Brown delivers a love letter to Berlin in a new short film ‘Sehnsucht’, the city where the London based brits lived for a year in 2016 and collaborated with the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Underground Youth and Neu!, under the Moniker ‘Browzan’. The film scored by The KVB gives us an insight into the dark, creative and the freak show that is Berlin. In this film-poem Brown illustrates his experience living in Berlin between 2016-17. Brown uses collage, still photography, video and boomerangs to re-imagine this dirty paradise as a throbbing visual mosaic. The evocative imagery is harmonised by a dark music score composed by the illustrious duo: The KVB (Invada Records)

In 2020, feeling nostalgic in UK lockdown, Brown reminisced over his time in Berlin and wanted to make a piece that captured his experience living there. His concept was to make a film-poem using still photography, boomerangs and collage techniques.

A long time admirer of British audio-visual duo The KVB (Nicholas Wood & Kat Day), Brown reached out to the band to make an original score – they had been wanting to collaborate for a while and finally the opportunity came to being. Having lived in Berlin also, Brown thought the UK duo were the prefect act to generate the atmosphere that Brown’s imagery evoked.


‘Live at La Cigale’ LTD Edition silver vinyl available now exclusively via Invada Records UK. Each vinyl purchase guarantees access to our upcoming ‘Dreamspace’ live stream concert.

Recorded on the 29th January 2020 live at La Cigale in Paris.

All songs written and performed by The KVB

In March, Rhino will reissue Marillion‘s 1994 album “Brave” as a 4CD+Blu-ray deluxe edition and a 5LP vinyl set. Following the release of last year’s remixed expansion of Misplaced Childhood, neo-prog rockers Marillion are jumping ahead to one of their top albums of the 1990s to reissue: 1994’s Brave, this was their seventh album.

Brave was the third Marillion album with vocalist Steve Hogarth, who replaced Fish as frontman in early 1989. A stark departure from 1991’s Holidays In Eden, their most pop-centric album, Brave told the story (based on actual events) of a girl discovered by police on England and Wales’ Severn Bridge with no memory of how she got there. Recorded over nearly a year in a French castle, the location – including recordings of nearby caves for ambience – contributed to the album’s drawn-out sense of unease. (The original vinyl edition offered two possible endings to the story, thanks to a set of double grooves on the fourth and final side.)

The deluxe set with the optical discs features a brand new stereo remix by Steven Wilson, the original 1994 mix by Dave Meegan, and two CDs of “Live At La Cigale” performance from ’94. The audio has been newly remixed by Michael Hunter, and features a performance of Brave in its entirety. This is now the complete performance as it has been expanded with nine unreleased tracks. The full performance of Brave from this set originally appeared on the double live set Made Again in 1996, and is now expanded to feature all the material apart from the album the band played that day. Additional Blu-ray extras include It All Began with the Bright Light, a new documentary on the album; three promo videos and “The Great Escape (Spiral Remake),” the dour album closer featured on the second groove of the vinyl version. (The accompanying 50-minute film for the album will unfortunately not be included.)

The blu-ray contains 96/24 audio of Steven Wilson’s remix of the album in stereo and 5.1 surround sound, as well as promo videos for the album’s singles and a new documentary about the album that includes concert footage and interviews with the band. The 5LP vinyl box contains the Steven Wilson stereo mix on the first two records and the live performance on the remaining three LPs.

Both the CD/Blu-ray and vinyl versions of Brave are accompanied by illustrated booklets that recount the story behind the album. Brave will be reissued on 9th March 2018