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This Toronto band’s label debut is an exquisitely passionate work of vintage folk rock that exudes a tingling, calming warmth throughout. based out of Toronto, Little Kid’s Kenny Boothby finds himself inspired by this idea of transfiguration – a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state. far-ranging in both its sonic palette and its subject matter, this is a record of unusual depth and clarity from a songwriter who has spent the better part of a decade honing his craft and a lifetime building the perspective his songs so deftly express. these are personal songs that look outward, that seek to tie together the bigness of the world and the smallness of the everyday with both subtlety and humility. this is a must for fans of the band, trace mountains and early wilco.
“one of the best, but highly underrated, Toronto-based acts of the last few years”
humbling, and quietly brilliant  An arranging and writing master of contemplative pop returns to mull and muse on religion. Everything Ken puts out is amazing. It’s so hard to pick a favourite track but this is one of the highlights for me. Little Kid’s sound has grown in all the right ways. They perfectly straddle the line of comforting/intimate lofi and rhythmic indie-rock. The whiplash-like transition from ‘Think It Over’ to ‘Missionary’ is like a breath of fresh air every time, and there are lots of these gems within the album,  just an amazing, beautiful, haunting album. loved this band since they released logic songs. they hold such a special place in my heart!


Little Kid is:
Kenny Boothby – vocals, classical guitar, casio sk-1, casiotone mt-40, piano, tapes, clarinet, banjo, kazoo
Broderick Germain – drums, percussion, casio mt-40, casio sk-1
Paul Vroom – bass, vocals

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For the past decade, Little Kid have quietly been one of Toronto’s most prolific bands, sharing spiritual perspectives of everyday experiences with cathartic, slow-burning folk

The town and the city, the loneliness offered by both, so different but so alike; an ache somewhere deep inside that can’t be replenished, that can’t be patched up forever. So we keep moving, both inside or out. Searching for a place that feels like home, where can hear the trains, and no the way the rain falls. Looking for answers, out where the boundaries bleed, among the lights at the edge of town that give way to the darkness surrounding. Answers we’re not even sure we’d recognise if we found them.

Little Kid was formed in the 2009. since then, they have self-recorded and self-released five albums.


The Band:
Kenny Boothby – vocals, guitars, piano, organ, keyboards
Paul Vroom – electric bass, upright bass, omnichord, background vocals
Brodie Germain – drums, percussion, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, background vocals, lead vocals on “way past dark”
Megan Lunn – vocals on most songs
Aaron Powell – vocals on “a road in my mind”

Released August 24th, 2018

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Dreamy indie folk outfit Little Kid has released an endearing new single “All Night (Golden Ring).” The soothing track comes ahead of their next studio album Transfiguration Highway which is slated for release on July 3rd. It also comes with a gorgeous matching visual that shows a serene landscape across multiple planes. “All Night (Golden Ring)” is a gorgeous duet from Kenny Boothby and Megan Lunn, who both bring strong vocals that honour their folk predecessors in a modern context. This latest effort is a poignant one that radiates comfort and reassurance amidst a chaotic year.

“All Night (Golden Ring)” is an homage and exploration to the relationship of Tammy Wynette and George Jones, a legendary yet complicated power couple from country music history. In the Little Kid iteration of the duet, Kenny and Megan croon softly over a soft 3/4 time country instrumental. The slow pace allows the rich piano chords, gentle guitar plucks, and warm harmonica tones to properly brew. Vocally, Megan and Kenny are a match made in heaven, as their voices harmonize elegantly together while the two sing about the need to create in the midst of emotional hardship. The track progresses to bring in some joyful whistles and uplifting organ chords, climaxing with a truly anthemic outro instrumental.

Band Members
Kenny Boothby, Broderick Germain, Paul Vroom

Transfiguration Highway out July 3rd.

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Little Kid was formed in the year of our lord 2009. since then, they have self-recorded and self-released five albums.

Forty days and nights in that bus riding through the lights. book says to stop where the shoulder narrows on transfiguration highway. just dont dare look back for all the salt. and hanks here and tammys here and gram but no not emmy and no way is george gonna be here if tammys here but still the rest of em are all here and theyre singin and the singin is good. and when i hear it right away im picturin lindsay and her eyes blinkin and her eyes are islands sand and water and im pickin her up and carryin her around and puttin her down because it makes her happy-cry. but shes in toronto and im on the highway so for now im lookin out the window.

and i know i could hold a harmonica out that window and let the wind play it. learned that on this very bus once. but the wind only exhales so it neglects some notes and its all major and its all tonic all night. ive learned a song doesnt need many chords but all my favourites at least use more than one. so its still best to hear woman or man or any person play because unlike the wind most folks can inhale also.


and as we drive ive been lookin for a house but it aint

releases July 3rd, 2020

Little Kid is:
Kenny Boothby – Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Harmonica, Organ, Casio SK-1
Megan Lunn – Vocals, Banjo
Paul Vroom – Bass, Percussion, Casio SK-1
Liam Cole – Drums
Brodie Germain – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums on “Transfiguration Highway” and “Losing”