LITTLE KID – ” Might As Well With My Soul “

Posted: July 8, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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For the past decade, Little Kid have quietly been one of Toronto’s most prolific bands, sharing spiritual perspectives of everyday experiences with cathartic, slow-burning folk

The town and the city, the loneliness offered by both, so different but so alike; an ache somewhere deep inside that can’t be replenished, that can’t be patched up forever. So we keep moving, both inside or out. Searching for a place that feels like home, where can hear the trains, and no the way the rain falls. Looking for answers, out where the boundaries bleed, among the lights at the edge of town that give way to the darkness surrounding. Answers we’re not even sure we’d recognise if we found them.

Little Kid was formed in the 2009. since then, they have self-recorded and self-released five albums.


The Band:
Kenny Boothby – vocals, guitars, piano, organ, keyboards
Paul Vroom – electric bass, upright bass, omnichord, background vocals
Brodie Germain – drums, percussion, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, background vocals, lead vocals on “way past dark”
Megan Lunn – vocals on most songs
Aaron Powell – vocals on “a road in my mind”

Released August 24th, 2018

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