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The story of Derek and the Dominos, “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs “ is not all it seems. Neither the album, whose title is taken from the track ‘Layla’, nor the outstanding single, that is now considered one of rock’s greatest love songs, do nearly as well when they were originally released as many of us imagine.

The album came out in November 1970, and in America made the charts later that month entering at 195, going on to peak at No.16, probably not as high a chart placing as many would guess, if asked. In the UK Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs failed to chart at all, no that’s not quite true. It finally made No.68 on the album charts in 2011 when it was reissued.

Despite Layla and other Assorted Love Songs being recognised as a blues rock classic, Eric Clapton’s debut release while in a band was initially a massive flop. The album’s failure, coupled with the various personal and band tragedies caused Derek and the Dominos to disband after only a year. We’re forever grateful for timeless classic ‘Layla’ and also this forgotten beauty…

The review in Britain’s Melody Maker was somewhat reserved in its praise for the album, stating that “If you do judge Derek and the Dominos by Cream standards you’ll be disappointed.” It has as the years have rolled by become increasingly popular and many now regard this as Eric Clapton’s masterpiece. Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, and Rolling Stone Magazine its list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”.

But what about Layla as a single? In the US it was released as an edited 45rpm in March 1971 and made No.51 in the charts: ‘Bell Bottom Blues’ was the lead single from the album. A year later a longer version was issued in the US and it fared a lot better, reaching No.10 on the Billboard charts. In the UK it was not released at all until 1st August 1972, and only then in the shortened version (barely 2 and three quarter minutes long). It made No.7 on the charts in 1972 and a decade later it charted again, making No.4 in 1982.

The Melody Maker’s July 1972 review of Layla



I’ve been hooked since I saw LAYLA  at the Communion Records “Bushstock” down in Shepherd Bush earlier this year then the faboulas unleashed ‘Smokestacks’ EP back in March, a blisteringly epic track that kept me happy until April’s release of her EP, ‘Black Mud’. She didn’t stop there; retreating to ‘the Burrow’, a sanctuary of a recording space at the bottom of her garden LAYLA emerged with ‘Weightless’ – the eponymous title track of her new EP, and an anthem in it’s own right.

live session of ‘Weightless’ for the Wonderland Sessions. And she has just sold out the Lexington earlier this week for LAYLA’s first headlining gig, you’ll be well aware the South London artist has no shortage of support.





Singer Songwriter Layla and a remix cover of a song from Sundara Karma,


South London Singer Songwriter Layla has a new EP due for release titled “Weightless” with beautiful synth sounds and her perfect vocals this is just perfect pop

South London singer songwriter Layla performed this spectaucular solo piano version of her song “Red Heart” for the Naked Noise Sessions in Camden Town


Layla performed a couple of songs for the Naked Noise Sessions,


Another track from the forthcoming “Weightless” EP due out in November, this superb keyboard  singer songwriter from London to date she has released three EP’s

layla pic2




Layla has a new EP titled “Weightless” due out in early November weighing in at 17 minutes of music I really love this talented young singer so beautiful vocal and such good tunes Layla is a singer songwriter from London the four songs are “For You” , “Fight The Fire”, “Cassiopea” and “Weightless”. Layla has released three other EP’s to date “Yellow Circles” , ” Black Mud” and “The New Year”



Layla this girl is just fantastic and one artist you should put on your watch list among the new generation of female musicians,

On the last night of recording sessions for the EP “Black Mud” Layla recorded this song that she had written titled “Holes” the video camera was set up at the top end of the piano and this one take amazing song was recorded. Ive seen Layla and her excellent band more than half a dozen times now she is definately among the top new bands of the year.
A real talented young singer songwriter with already a couple of EP’s available