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Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett have released a new documentary depicting their friendship the creative process around their collaboration that led to the joint album Lotta Sea Lice. The film is directed by Kurt Vincent and Irene Chin and features interview clips with both Vile and and Barnett alongside  live performance clips from the duo’s performance at the Loew’s Jersey Theatre in New Jersey.

The new documentary, called Friends of Wonder,

A lavish New Jersey theater saved by a dedicated group of locals. Rising dramatically from a cluster of discount stores, dive bars and pawn shops, The Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater is an outlier among its surroundings in Jersey City’s bustling Journal Square.

New Jersey’s second-largest city is a quick train trip from New York City, with a view of the Manhattan skyline from across the Hudson River. It has seen significant redevelopment lately, but still it’s not known for its beauty; mostly, it’s a city focused on industry.

The Loew’s exterior evokes a bygone era of architectural grandeur, with intricate embellishments creeping up the stone walls and a vintage marquee, slightly run-down yet oozing with the glamour of old Hollywood. But it’s the inside of the theater that takes your breath away.

A concert performed by musical soul-mates who live on different sides of the world. A pair of filmmakers telling these two idiosyncratic stories in one documentary. The uplifting tale behind Friends of Wonder.

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile playing live on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile recently teamed up to create one of the best rock records to be released so far this year, Lotta Sea Lice. Now, the duo have done what we expect of them, and absolutely smashed their live performance on one of US TV’s favourite late night shows.

Kurt and Courtney recently released their debut collaborative album to great critical acclaim around the world, Now with the duo in the middle of a US tour in support of the record, they stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to add late-night TV audiences into their legions of fans,

“My next guest joined forces to make their new album, Lotta Sea Lice,” said host Stephen Colbert in his introduction of the pair before the other Kurt and Courtney jumped into a rousing rendition of their track ‘Over Everything’. The studio audience appeared to absolutely adore the stellar performance, reacting with applause and excitement that usually goes far beyond what’s expected for a performance such as this.

Of course, it didn’t stop there though, with the duo also recording a bonus performance of ‘Continental Breakfast’ while backstage in The Late Show studios. Intimate and acoustic, this extra performance shows Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile doing what they do best, and sharing emotive music with only minimal instrumentation to back them.

While the duo have been impressing audiences all over the US with the product of their collaborative efforts, we’re still hoping for their tour to hit the U.K.  Its a great musical venture, we can only hope that the pair will decide to treat audiences here .

lotta sea lice

Australian Courtney Barnett  and American Kurt Vile may be separated by entire oceans and continents, but they’ve found a way to turn the story of their long-distance friendship into a sweet little melody—that is, the newest single from their forthcoming collaboration album Lotta Sea Lice, “Continental Breakfast.”

Accompanying the track is a video that features rare footage of each of the slacker-rock idols in their respective natural habitats: Barnett exchanges kisses with her partner and her cat, tends to her garden and plays basketball with her friends, while Vile chugs four beers, goes on a nature walk and hangs out with his family.

To shoot the video, director Danny Cohen spent time with Barnett and Vile in Melbourne and Philadelphia while they had time off from recording and touring: The Video is Shot on 16mm, the mini-documentary captures honest moments that show the loving and playful nature of both Courtney and Kurt. It was such a treat to experience life with Courtney and Kurt in their natural habitats. It really left me feeling like part of the family and hopefully fans can feel that too.”

‘Continental Breakfast’ is taken from Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile’s upcoming album ‘Lotta Sea Lice’


Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett have released “Over Everything,” the steady new single from their collaborative LP, Lotta Sea Lice, due out October 13th via Matador Records. In the black-and-white clip, the indie rockers sing straight into the camera while strumming their Fender electric guitars in a series of localities a beach, city bridge and country field.

How the two singer-songwriters got together for an excellent LP of shared deadpan genius with its ragged wall of guitars, deadpan vocal delivery and stream-of-conscious lyrics, “Over Everything” sounds like a natural meeting point between the singer-songwriters’ respective styles.

The duo will promote the LP with a tour launching through October and November in U.S.A . The jaunt will feature a backing band of revolving members, the Sea Lice, including Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney), Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint), Rob Laakso (the Violators, Mice Parade) and Katie Harkin (touring member of Sleater-Kinney and Wild Beasts).

Vile and Barnett also detailed the album’s track list and revealed its collaborators, including Mozgawa, Australian music icon Mick Harvey (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Birthday Party) and the Dirty Three’s Mick Tuner and Jim White.

The nine-track Lotta Sea Lice includes Vile’s cover of Barnett’s 2013 track “Outta the Woodwork” and Barnett’s take on Vile’s 2011 tune “Peeping Tomboy.” The album follows Vile’s 2015 solo LP, Believe I’m Goin Down and Barnett’s debut from the same year, Sometimes I Sit and Think And Sometimes I Just Sit .

“Over Everything” initially sparked the pair’s collaboration, after Philadelphia-based Vile wrote the song with the Melbourne-based Barnett’s voice in mind. They soon began swapping material and realized their intended low-key “side-project” had blossomed into something more substantial.

“The vibes were strong,” Vile said of their creative process. “We discovered we could finish things on the quick, like an outlaw country singer, or Neil Young.” Barnett added, “We were mucking around, eating pizza, and we had all these songs all of a sudden.”

‘Over Everything’ is taken from Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile’s upcoming album ‘Lotta Sea Lice’

Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval Announces a New Album, Also Shares New Song With Kurt Vile: At this stage of her career, you feel like you know what you’re going to get with Hope Sandoval her instantly recognizable voice, still the same some 25 years after we first heard her with Mazzy Star; languid, country-tinged arrangements; and an abiding sense of melancholy. She’s certainly not messing with this formula, but she is expanding on it

Listen out for the new album Until the Hunter is Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions’ first record since 2009

Hope Sandoval (of Mazzy Star) and Colm O Ciosoig (of My Bloody Valentine) have announced a new album from their project Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions. The new record, which is the duo’s first since 2009’s Through The Devil Softly, is called Until the Hunter, and it’s out November 4th via Sandoval’s own label Tendril Tales . Along with the announcement, they’ve shared a new song from the record, “Let Me Get There,” which is a duet with Kurt Vile. Hear it below. In a press release, Kurt Vile said of the collaboration:

It was a total honor to sing along to a beautifully hypnotic soul groove with heavyweights like Hope, and Colm, and all the other top notch musos. To respond to Hope’s call in song of letting her get there felt right and real and gave me chills while singing, even though I knew they already got there years before I walked in the building.

Kurt Vile got the morning news show treatment on CBS This Morning today, playing three songs from last year’s B’lieve I’m Goin Down… and taping an interview with anchor Anthony Mason. There’s definitely something amusing about CBS’ straight-laced micro-doc approach to its subject, but the music is the same ol’ paisley-patterned, long-hair-don’t-care Vile we know and love.

Says Kurt Vile of his newfound Adult Alternative fanbase: “I don’t notice much of a difference, except I notice like, middle-aged stewardesses come up to me once in a while now.” watch the performances of Goin down tracks “Pretty Pimpin,” “I’m An Outlaw,” and “Dust Bunnies”

Kurt Vile has been an influential figure in the indie rock scene for nearly a decade. While best known as a solo artist, the unique singer and songwriter still tours with his first band, “The Violators.” Vile performs “I’m an Outlaw.”

Kurt Vile has been an influential figure in the indie rock scene for nearly a decade. While best known as a solo artist, the unique singer and songwriter still tours with his first band, “The Violators.” Vile performs “Dust Bunnies” on the news show CBS This Morning.

Kurt Vile Covers the Velvet Underground With Kim Gordon and Steve Gunn, Bob Dylan With Woods

New York’s Webster Hall hosted an event celebrating booking agency Ground Control Touring’s 15th anniversary. The showcase took place across the venue’s three stages and featured a bunch of collaborations and covers.
Kurt Vile, Kim Gordon, Steve Gunn, and Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere covered the Velvet Underground’s “Sister Ray”, while Vile also joined Woods for a take on Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”
Other collaborations included Parquet Courts with Lee Ranaldo (who played Sonic Youth’s “Mote” and “Eric’s Trip”), Woods with Parquet Courts’ Andrew Savage, Waxahatchee with Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan, and Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves with Rainer Maria.
Kurt Vile with Kim Gordon, Steve Gunn, and Woods’ Jarvis Taveniere: “Sister Ray” (The Velvet Underground cover)

Before pressing play on Kurt Vile’s new album, its artwork sticks out.b’lieve i’m going down, the Philly rocker’s sixth record, shows Vile sitting alone with an acoustic guitar, just like the image on his breakthrough Smoke Ring For My Halo. “This is definitely more of a loner record,” which largely foregoes the crunchy riffs and psychedelic jams that Kurt Vile and his band the Violators packed into 2013’s Wakin on a Pretty Daze. “The last record was really Violators-based,” he says. “This one it’s like half and half.”

But whether Kurt Vile deals in electric groove or acoustic precision—and on b’lieve it’s usually the latter—he keeps his Möbius-strip-like guitar melodies intact. Recorded partly in Joshua Tree and lyrically nodding to topics from Dust Bowl history to early Bob Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel songs, b’lieve is Vile’s most American-sounding album yet. “It’s got a lot of West Coast vibes,” Vile says. “I definitely feel comfortable on the East Coast in a natural, ball-busting way, so we get that edgy thing. Then when I go to the West Coast I can tap into the more ethereal drifter thing.”

Kurt Vile might explore big sounds and ideas in the studio but in conversation he’s grounded and affable. This seemingly-oxymoronic mix of clarity and disjointedness has contributed to Vile’s image as a stoner

Kurt Vile’s 2015 will soon ramp up in a big way. b’lieve comes out Sept. 25th and along with sharing lead single “Pretty Pimpin”—streaming below—the rocker announced a slew of tour dates and the album’s tracklisting on Tuesday. Vile chatted with EW about getting back to his loner roots, being influenced by Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor, and why a potential reunion with former War on Drugs bandmate Adam Granduciel isn’t out of the question.

From the new album “b’lieve i’m goin down” out September 25th