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Fleetwood Mac, live at the Record Plant, San Francisco on 15th December 1974 Fleetwood Mac was in a state of flux in late 1974. Their new album “Heroes Are Hard To Find” had just appeared, but guitarist Bob Welch was about to depart and they were battling their former manager, who had put together a bogus version of the band. With Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks about to join, this fascinating set performed at the Record Plant on 15th December, for broadcast on KSAN-FM captures the previous line-up just before its collapse, on a superb set that spans early classics and more recent favorites. It s presented here with background notes and images.


1. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) 2. Angel 3. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love 4. Sentimental Lady 5. Future Games 6. Bermuda Triangle 7. Why 8. Believe Me 9. Black Magic Woman 10. Oh Well 11. Band intros > Rattlesnake Shake 12. Hypnotized 13. Mystery To Me

Advertisement for Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ single, 1977. Saw TH in Swindon, 1977, supporting Dire Straits

Classic performance at the Boarding House, San Francisco from 16th September 1978. Includes the entire KSAN-FM broadcast. Digitally remastered for enhanced sound quality. Byrne’s unholy pact with loathing is primed, funked and punked for the stoically impassioned, but in contrast to the detached state of suburbia up front, the band party hard with a deep sense of funk and engaged complexity. The set draws from their debut album Talking Heads ’77‘ and the follow-up ‘More Songs About Buildings And Food’ taking it all to the flaming crescendo of ‘No Compassion’.

springsteen winterland

Bruce Springsteen and the E.Street Band’s legendary live performance from Bill Graham’s Winterland in San Francisco 0n 15th December 1978 recorded by KSAN-FM radio during the tour to promote the album “Darkness On the Edge Of Town” a 3cd set this was recorde on the first night of two show and without doubt one of the greatest rock shows ever and this particual show was one of the bootleged shows that made Springsteen’s name as the great live performer he undoubtedly is, Available from Amazon now

On both nights I can remember as Bruce and the band went into their mutli-song encore that the crowd began stomping to the music and the entire floor, which was an old hardwood floor, began to shake with the rhythm. I was a bit concerned as to whether the old building would collapse and we would all end up in a pile in the basement. 

After both shows there was just a lingering feeling of energy for all of us as we made our way out into the foggy damp San Francisco night. Our ears were still ringing from the sounds and being so close to the stage and there were lingering memories of each song. As we walked back to where ever we had parked the car I can remember each of us occasionally bursting out with a line from Thunder Road or Born to Run. The next day we had to get to the airport and catch a flight home for the holiday. We both felt so exhausted from those 2 shows at Winterland.