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The best songs exist as their own self-contained worlds, planets that seem out of orbit with everything else. “Finally” is one of these rare tracks, a slow-burning mood piece that evokes hazy, half-remembered dreams, snippets of memory, thoughts that pass by and disappear like clouds. Tom Snowdon’s voice is a singular, haunting instrument that holds focus as the instrumentation washes in like a slow-motion wave. Finally is the connective tissue that binds their two-part Islands project, and fittingly for its title, has been announced as the last song No Mono will release for a while.


Recorded at Pieater’s BellBird studio in Melbourne, the album came together over a three-year period, mostly in Melbourne, but pieces sketched all over. It was entirely written, recorded, produced and mixed by Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek.

“Islands” brings the previously separated “Islands part 1” and “part 2” together in a whole state, and includes the previously unreleased track ‘Finally’, which helps close the “Islands” chapter.

“Islands” the culmination of years of songwriting and performance, and draws from broad influences including Snowdon’s upbringing in the remote desert town of Alice Springs and his relationship to central Australia. It also oozes Tom Iansek’s boundary-pushing production.

No Mono’s music explores and is inspired by the emotional and other-worldly. “Islands” is a record about transition through crisis and sanctuary.

The back half of “Islands”(originally released as “part 2”) serves to complement and expand on the haunting first half. The BPMs are increased, and the energy at times borders on frantic, but there’s also a swagger. Percussion is used to bewilder – at times frantic, scattered or glitchy. Snowdon’s vocals are less tender, as he battles to find connection and empathy. Yet despite the eerie energy, there is always an alien beauty to the whole, and ultimately a faith in keeping hope.

Deluxe Islands vinyl is now available – it includes all songs on parts 1 and 2 and bonus track ‘Finally’, which we released this week. Our “Islands” records were always meant to be two parts of a whole. They’re together here with some new art by Tom Iansek.

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No Mono – Finally (Islands LPs | 2019)

Erin Durant’s music may be small-town and rooted in the traditions of the south, but its scale is immeasurable. Indeed, on title track ‘Islands’ Durant sings “I’ve been to Pensacola but never to Rome, I’ve walked the waters of the gulf of Mexico” and she truly takes you there, the album acting more like an archipelago than a single island. Produced by TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone, Islands (Released June 28th) comprises eight songs that deliver clarity within mystery and adventure in their uncluttered vignettes.

Rarely does an artist appear, as if out of thin air, with a full body of work where lyrically lush songs carry you into other worlds as if they were your own. Erin Durant’s second album, Islands is an odyssey of sorts, with songs that blur the line between reality and fiction. Born and raised in New Orleans, Durant has been based in New York for over a decade, all the while keeping track of the intricacies of life surrounding her and diligently developing her craft as a songwriter and performer. Lyrically, she composes most songs on piano, songs that tend to unfold structurally like a memory or a scene from a movie. As a performer, Durant usually transports a 232-pound ¾ size piano to venues without one. To hear her play the instrument makes plain her case for the extra effort. Her music is rooted in an ongoing dialogue between the physicality of her playing and the high, clear tone of her voice. Enmeshed with one another, it’s a display of an artist in full possession of herself and vision.

Islands sprawls out in front of you, weaving disparate stories into an overarching narrative. The songs touch on the ability to find meaning in minutiae. On “Take A Load Off” Durant tells a story of a weary traveler disoriented but pulled into revelry in an attempt to assuage their loss. The titular track “Islands” takes a similar tact, focusing on the conflicting process of attempting to find joy when joy seems lost. Islands is a continuously shifting landscape, with a knowing nod to the inevitability of these shifts.

Islands is preceded by Durant’s 2016 self-recorded album Blueberry Mountain released on New York label Flying Moonlight. Recording to tape in her apartment, the lo-fi quality and stripped-down arrangements led Durant to better understand the core layers of her music and from there where she wanted to go.


Durant’s collaboration with Malone introduced an expansiveness in sound. She knew she wanted the songs to be fuller. They welcomed instrumentation into the fold, including a complete rhythm section, the hum of pedal steel, and warm flourishes of brass and woodwinds. These are generous songs intended to breathe. They never fall into a grid. Instead, they pause and gallop, expand and contract, and pass through time unhurried.

Erin Durant’s second album Islands is released June 21 via Keeled Scales

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Erin’s a vital addition to a taste making label that already houses Sun June, Buck Meek (Big Thief) Twain.

Image ofErin Durant

Although based out of New York for over a decade, it’s arguably her home city of New Orleans that’s a more obvious musical influence on the sound of Erin Durant. Erin caught the ear of many with her 2016 debut, “Blueberry Mountain”, not least with TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone, who was enamoured enough to produce Erin’s upcoming second record, “Islands”. This week ahead of Islands’ June release, Erin has shared the latest track from it, “Highway Blue”.

Discussing Highway Blue, Erin has suggested the track is a musing on, “the space of what’s left when someone is gone”, and space seems to be an equally important factor in the sound of the track. Erin’s crisp, soaring vocal is given plentiful room to breathe, as lush Joanna Newson-like piano and gorgeous brushed drum-patterns carry the track along, with plentiful flourishes of harmonica for company. To share a track so sparsely produced as this takes a great confidence in your songwriting, and on this evidence Erin Durant has every reason to be confident.


“Highway Blue” is the second single from Erin Durant’s new album “Islands” coming June 21, 2019 via Keeled Scales.

The underappreciated period between King Crimson’s genre-defining 969 debut and their John Wetton era is the subject of a new box set titled “Sailors’ Tales”.

The 27-disc set includes new stereo remasters of the albums  In the Wake of Poseidon (1970), Lizard (1970) and Islands (1971). The extras include an expanded version of 1972’s Earthbound, featuring 1972 live recordings; six discs of 1971 concerts recorded in Germany and the U.K.; and nine discs of recordings from King Crimson’s U.S. tour in 1972 – many of which have never been released before.

Sailors’ Tales is rounded out by four audio Blu-rays and a pair of DVDs featuring concert footage and hi-res versions of the material found elsewhere on the box. The booklet features reproduced memorabilia and new liner notes written by Sid Smith, current Crimson member Jakko Jakszyk and David Singleton.

Sailors’ Tales, which is due on November. 3rd, “documents a crucial period in King Crimson’s history, and shows it to be brimming with innovation, experimentation and boundary-pushing energy,” a news release says.

Islands [VINYL]

The box set follows King Crimson’s unexpected return with a lineup that includes early ’70s member Mel Collins. Songs from In the Wake of Poseidon, Lizard and Islands have since become a regular part of their set lists.

King Crimson have another round of tour dates scheduled for the autumn.  They played internationally last summer with a double-quartet format before leader Robert Fripp reconnected with longtime member Adrian Belew, who is expected to join in future Crimson shows.

Lizard (30th Anniversary Edition)

The complete 1970-72 era King Crimson captured on 21 CDs, 4 blu-ray discs and 2 DVDs (all audio content) and presented in a 12” box with booklet, memorabilia, a further downloadable concert. The Box Set Including the Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp stereo mixes of In The Wake Of  The PoseidonLizard and Islands – and the 5.1 mixes of all those albums – Sailor’s Tales features a wealth of previously unheard studio recordings – from band rehearsals to alternate mixes – alongside a vast array of live material

In The Wake Of Poseidon

This limited edition set presents the complete King Crimson recorded history of the period in the best quality audio possible. 

Pre-order for 3rd November release. 


”‘Island’ is one of the songs that’s been in the back of our mind for years, and was considered for our Warner Bros album Pythons. We’ve always liked the chorus and the eerie, dream-like quality, but couldn’t fit the pieces together in the right way. When we started writing for our newest record: 1000 Palms, we decided to use the song in its very first incarnation, the version we preferred before any producers/ label people heard it and started moving things around. In hindsight, I’m glad we waited to record this song on our own terms.

I wrote the lyrics about coming home to my parents house after a long tour, I was sick with a fever and sleeping out on the couch. I woke up delirious and wandered into the kitchen where I got into a conversation with my father, I don’t remember what we were talking about exactly, but it was a very strange experience. I went and jotted down some lyrics afterwards, and didn’t look at them again until weeks later. It was just a few verses, but they ended up becoming the foundation of the song.”

Davie of Bear’s Den said of the video: “Gareth Phillips (director) is one of the funniest people we’ve ever worked with and also one of the most talented. This video is really all down to him and the hard work of his fantastic crew.

“We have been really fortunate to work with some incredibly gifted filmmakers in the past and Gareth is no exception.”
Bear’s Den debut album “Islands” is out now on Communion Records/Caroline International.

The single – produced and mixed by Ian Grimble (The 1975, Daughter) – will be released on February 2 through Communion Records.

Bears Den are a British alternative folk Rock band formed in West London in 2012. They released their debut album, “Islands”, late October 2014 on Communion Records, the label founded in 2006 by Bear’s Den member Kevin Jones with Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons and producer Ian Grimble.

In 2012 one of the band’s first tours – in which the band travelled across the United States of America in Volkswagen Campervans with Ben Howard, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Staves – was the subject of a 2014 documentary “Austin to Boston” by James Marcus Haney which premiered at the 58th BFI London Film Festival. Since then the band have toured the USA several times, in support of Mumford & Sons, Daughter and as headliners.


Bear’s Den perform ‘Elysium’ for The Crypt Sessions

London based trio, Bear’s Den joined us recently for a hauntingly powerful performance of their single, Elysium. It’s an elegiac paean to the redemptive power of friendship and the song that marked the point Bear’s Den, for many, went from best kept secret to new favourite band.
Bear’s Den are, Andrew Davie (guitar, vocals), Joey Haynes (guitar) and Kev Jones (drums, bass). Inspired by Maurice Sendak’s 1963 children’s classic ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, Bear’s Den create music which -whisper it- dares to be both literate and profound while, crucially, remaining universally accessible. Since forming in 2012, the trio have built a fervent fanbase through their live shows and a dedicated DIY aesthetic that originally saw them self-fund tours and sell hand printed CDs direct to fans at gigs. 2014 has been quite the year for them; having played alongside the likes of Mumford and Sons and Daughter and not to mention sold out shows aplenty in their own right across the U.K. and U.S. Their critically acclaimed debut album, “Islands” was released earlier this year and recorded with long-term producer Ian Grimble at Church Studios. It’s lyrically both restrained yet richly descriptive, the product of Davie’s novelistic approach to songwriting.
‘Elysium’ is taken from the debut album, ‘Islands’ which is out now on Communion Records.And the band will be touring the UK and Europe early next year, culminating in a massive headline show at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 3rd March. Listings for the full tour as well as tickets as all up on the band’s official site here: