ERIN DURANT – ” Highway Blue “

Posted: May 3, 2019 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Image ofErin Durant

Although based out of New York for over a decade, it’s arguably her home city of New Orleans that’s a more obvious musical influence on the sound of Erin Durant. Erin caught the ear of many with her 2016 debut, “Blueberry Mountain”, not least with TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone, who was enamoured enough to produce Erin’s upcoming second record, “Islands”. This week ahead of Islands’ June release, Erin has shared the latest track from it, “Highway Blue”.

Discussing Highway Blue, Erin has suggested the track is a musing on, “the space of what’s left when someone is gone”, and space seems to be an equally important factor in the sound of the track. Erin’s crisp, soaring vocal is given plentiful room to breathe, as lush Joanna Newson-like piano and gorgeous brushed drum-patterns carry the track along, with plentiful flourishes of harmonica for company. To share a track so sparsely produced as this takes a great confidence in your songwriting, and on this evidence Erin Durant has every reason to be confident.


“Highway Blue” is the second single from Erin Durant’s new album “Islands” coming June 21, 2019 via Keeled Scales.

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