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Honey Lung have released their first new music since their recent EP “Post Modern Motorcade Music”. The Sweet and slow, ‘Room’ was the first peep from the foursome since May this year. Drawn out and emotional, ‘Room’ is a total Melon Collie era Smashing Pumpkins ode. Feedback heavy and imbued with a guitar-orchestrated sparkle, it’s a lush personal piece that’s pretty ideal for the autumn to winter transition. “’Room’ is quite an intimate, personal song that details a time in my life” frontman Jamie Batten said. “We shot a music video for the track with a friend of ours out in Berlin. The video is essentially me being edgy af for 4 minutes.”

Now the London four-piece Honey Lung have shared a new single “Oh So Real,” out now via Big Scary Monsters. It’s the follow-up to their previous track “Room,” and it also follows last year’s EP Post Modern Motorcade Music. A version of “Oh So Real” originally appeared on a vinyl-only demos and singles collection, “Memory”, which was released by Kanine Records in 2019. “Oh So Real” has both the chunky grit and gentle-hearted nature of Silversun Pickups, with gnarly, rumbling guitars acting as a segue to their sentimental chorus. Their hook-driven guitar noodling is as sharp as ever, and they even delve into a steamy Black Sabbath-esque breakdown before returning to their heartwarming selves.

Honey Lung · Jamie Batten,  Harry Chambers , David Sherry,  Omri Covo

“Oh So Real” released on Big Scary Monsters Released on: 2021-01-21

London quartet Honey Lung shared their second EP “Post Modern Motorcade Music” via Big Scary Monsters (American Football, Beach Slang)—the follow-up to their 2019 demos and singles collection Memory, which was among one of the best EPs of last year. “Big” is a case study in the power of subtle, blooming melodies, “Juggle” is the band’s most lo-fi cut to date and perhaps their most lyrically pensive and “Be My Friend” is the kind of bittersweet lo-fi rock to be cherished—it’s equal parts soul-stirring and charming.

Having spent three months writing in Berlin, Honey Lung have grown up a lot as a band, they now express a more introspective side that has placed their songs outside of conventional genre boundaries. Now somewhere in a visceral, dark cosmos of story telling and honest feelings. With nods to artists such as Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith and Wilco. 

Ever building in sonic confidence and reputation, London four-piece Honey Lung take us through their latest EP Post Modern Motorcade Music . Taking in sweeping Americana landscapes inspired by their trip to SXSW, stopping off at the heartbreak hotel and driving the long and lonely road of longing, this EP lyrically takes the listener on a journey, as well as musically. The band have undergone some changes, and this EP emerges as a triumphant trophy of those evolutions, lsonically mature in comparison to previous releases.

‘Getting Off’

‘Getting Off’ has got a sweeping, almost American-heartland vibe to it, where intimate feelings get carried along by hazy, expansive sounds. That style of music probably took on a new resonance for us when we were in Texas for SXSW last year, and we could see for ourselves how these huge dreamy American landscapes can inspire that kind of expression. This song feels like it grew a lot out of those travels and the things we were going through at that time. ‘Getting Off’ can mean different things to different people, or in different circumstances, and this song tries to capture that changeability.

‘Be My Friend’

This was an important song to us because it was the first one we put out after a period of sorting ourselves out, going through some changes, and then eventually signing with Big Scary Monsters. We wanted to announce ourselves with something punchy but kind of fun too – as soon as you put the song on, you’re right there in the middle of it. Lyrically it tells a bit of an ironic and awkward story but there’s some angst there too, which probably reflected that the idea for the song came about when we were a bit younger, but also our recent eagerness to just back on it again.


You can probably tell just from listening to it that this song deals with some raw memories. There’s a hypnotic and repetitive base but it’s got a huge range of dynamics which makes it kind of adaptable – live we can make it hit hard or draw people up close and play it more intimately. It also sounds super nice acoustically, which is usually a conscious decision for us – we’re hugely inspired by bands like Wilco and Alex G who, despite all the weird sounds they experiment with, could pick out any of their songs and just play it on their own. We think all songs should have that kind of solid musical core to them that transfers across all the different ways you can play it.


Like all the songs on the EP, ‘Big’ has gone through a lot of evolutions and been played a few different ways over the months to see how it felt in front of an audience. Really we wanted this to be a lyrically-led song, each musical part forming part of a whole and nothing more, to let the vocals and lyrics shine through. The song comes from a place of heartbreak and longing, but also explores the growth and renewal that comes out of those experiences. When we grow up to be ‘big’ we learn a lot but we come up against new challenges and responsibilities.


The idea for this song was knocking around for ages as an angry grunge jam, but when we came back to it, we felt we’d grown out of that phase a bit and went off-kilter with the sounds, exploring synths and some different textures and Alex G style hints of weirdness. Obviously it’s a lot of fun to play live because you can play around with the noise and the mess to your advantage. We’re trying to show a mature and lyrical development on this EP, but you can still find the controlled chaos in places, especially on this track. Either way, the message of the song has stayed the same: the slippery slope into a darker frame of mind that can happen when you get too bored and restless.

Band Members:

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The delightful Honey Lung have dropped another slice of twinkly, summery indie gold off their forthcoming EP – say hello to Big! , Emboldened new EP ‘Post Modern Motorcade Music’ lands on May 29th, led by a brand new single from the four-piece.

A group who formed following a fateful Gumtree ad, there’s nothing contrived about the chemistry that fuels ‘Big’, with its raucous shoegaze recalling Swervedriver at their peak.

Short and succinct, the crisp production shines fresh light on the nuance of the band’s songwriting, adding a little extra power in the process.

Taken from the band’s forthcoming Post Modern Motorcade Music EP coming on the 29th May, Big is streaming everywhere now. Watch the new video for the single below and be sure to pre-save the EPyou won’t regret it!, This is the product of one of the most turbulent and emotional periods we’ve had as a band, but it tells the stories of the experiences, the relationships, the growth, the good and the bad we’ve all felt since we starting making it all those months ago

Performed by Honey Lung, and recorded with Andrea Spiteri and Michael Smith in London.


Honey Lung are:
Jamie Batten
Harry Chambers
David Sherry
Omri Covo

Big Scary Monsters is an independent currently label based in Oxford. It has so far been responsible for releases from the likes of Minus The Bear, Andrew W.K., Pulled Apart By Horses, Gnarwolves, Kevin Devine, Into It. Over It, Cursive, Meet Me In St Louis, Bear vs Shark, Toe, This Town Needs Guns, Tall Ships, Matt Pryor, Walter Schreifels, Joyce Manor, Algernon Cadwallader and many, many more

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How about some new music? Our new signings Honey Lung have just shared their fuzzy new indie/alt banger Juggle, which is streaming everywhere now – . They’ve also announced that their new EP Post Modern Motorcade Music will be released digitally on May 29th so look out for more from that soon!.

London shoegazers Honey Lung have recently released a new single, “Big”, which is taken from the band’s forthcoming Post Modern Motorcade Music EP, set to drop 29th May via Big Scary Monsters.

Drawing inspiration from acts including Car Seat Headrest, Sparklehouse, Elliot Smith and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the EP introduces their newly-refined melodic sound whilst keeping still keeping roots firmly in the world of fuzzy, grungy guitars and clattering percussion.

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For the past few years, London four-piece Honey Lung have quietly been making some of the most satisfyingly melodic guitar music available. The band recently signed to Big Scary Monsters (American Football, Beach Slang) for the release of a forthcoming EP, the follow-up to their singles and demos collection, Memory, which landed on the list of best EPs of 2019. There’s something vaguely classic and deeply meaningful about their lo-fi rock songs. File Honey Lung under heartfelt, yearning lyrics and eccentric, dynamic instrumentals.

Led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Jamie Batten, Honey Lung’s sound pulls from ’90s indie rock, alt-rock and shoegaze and puts equal emphasis on melody and hooks and wild guitar squalls. Honey Lung released their debut album, Memory, via Kanine Records last year and recently returned with new single “Nothing”:

Honey Lung are: Jamie Batten, Harry Chambers, David Sherry, Omri Covo.

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London quartet Honey Lung are one of the most promising bands of the past few years, and their recent vinyl-only EP, Memory, released on Brooklyn’s Kanine Records, is further evidence of their striking melodic intuition and incredibly moving woe. The eight-track EP, which was recorded with help from Yuck’s Max Bloom, consists of four singles and four demos that range from dejected lo-fi sketches to some of the most satisfying hook-driven rock tracks of 2019. Young adult depression, self-deprecation and the undying need for companionship fill the lines of Memory, and though post-night-out exhilaration and downcast, sleepless nights are what largely characterize this EP, Jamie Batten’s compassionate vocals and invigorating melodies are restorative. Honey Lung made their U.S. live debut at this year’s SXSW, where they also recorded an exclusive session for the blog Paste, performing two songs from Memory and an unreleased track. Following their EP, they released a new single and their best track to date, “Nothing,” which marries the off-kilter flourishes of their demos with the fierce catchiness of their singles.

Things are looking very bright for Honey Lung in 2020.

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London four-piece Honey Lung have consistently churned out hyper-melodic rock with heart and bite, and it’s not a stretch to say they’re writing fiery, tender rock better than any young band out there today. Memory, their recent 12-inch release via Brooklyn’s Kanine Records, consists of eight well-crafted songs—half of them singles and half demos—each with mind-bogglingly dynamic hooks and punchy riffs.

Honey Lung was coined upon a hazy writing session at Jamie’s house as they were listening to Jesus & The Mary Chain ‘Just Like Honey’. You’ll hear a lot of 90’s grunge, shoegaze, and alternative rock influence (Radiohead, The Smashing Pumpkins and Dinosaur Jr) in their sound as the band got into this style of music though hearing it in their parents cars. Like many young new bands, the 90’s spoke to them as it was a time they didn’t really remember, but felt a connection to.


With a do-it-yourself attitude Honey Lung wll do things on their own terms often creating to their own desires and interests. Drawing influence from Car Seat Headrest, Sparklehorse, Elliot Smith and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the band used their charity shop guitars and a modest home recording set-up to create songs. Memory is a collection of singles, and their first ever vinyl release out on Kanine Records February 1st, 2019.

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“Export the Family” was Honey Lung’s second single for the London indie label, Killing Moon Records, and it follows the raucous, grungy single “Sophomore” and their debut EP, “Kind Of Alone”. The band will also feature on a limited edition vinyl with New York label Kanine Records. “Export the Family” is both vulnerable and cacophonous, creating a thick cloud of emotion and noise via whooshing guitars and oscillating synths. Like another one of their singles, “Stuttering Mind,” this track proves lead singer Jamie Batten’s grimy vocals connect just as deeply when he’s reaching for uplifting, anthemic rock as they do when he’s digging for gravelly punk commotion. Honey Lung have consistently churned out hyper-melodic rock with heart and bite and this new cut is no exception. According to the band, the song was written and recorded in a week and they added that it’s “a track that we felt strongly about since its inception.”

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Honey Lung might be young and lacking an extensive back catalogue, but their records contain some of the best guitar work and songwriting in recent memory. Having spent three months writing in Berlin, Honey Lung have grown up a lot, they now express a more introspective side that has placed their songs outside of conventional genre boundaries. Now somewhere in a visceral, dark cosmos of story telling and honest feelings. 

The quartet’s debut EP, Kind of Alone, was released in 2016 and followed by two new singles, “Sophomore” and “Stuttering Mind,” last year, with incredible results. Kind of Alone is a five-track fuzzy masterpiece with melodic guitar riffs and grungy, gravelly lead vocals from frontman Jamie Batten. While “Sophomore” follows in a similar vein, “Stuttering Mind” marks calmer, new territory for the band, who have stated their desire to emulate the DIY lo-fi of acts like Sparklehorse, Elliot Smith and (Sandy) Alex G.

Band Members
Jamie, Omri, David, Danny