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Special Costello reemphasizes his ineherent specialness with the Strange Beauty EP, his personal ode to Prince after his untimely death earlier this year. The tracks go everywhere we wouldn’t have it any other way since that’s what we’ve come to expect and love from the solo melancholy electronic popster.


I think Strange Beauty may have topped Music and Image as my favourite song by you guys. This 5-song EP, album, whatever you wanna call it, is absolutely excellent and worth picking up. A joyous musical experience from beginning to end. I especially love the ambiance of Staycation.

This five-piece out of Halifax, Nova Scotia formed in 2001 and has been cranking out indie rock hits ever since. Wintersleep has won one of Canada’s premier music awards, the JUNO, and will be releasing their sixth studio album, called The Great Detachment, on March 4. Having toured with the likes of Pearl Jam, Broken Social Scene, and even Paul McCartney, Wintersleep has the chops to put on a superb live show and is guaranteed not to disappoint at this year’s SXSW.

Nap Eyes: The Best of What's Next

Nap Eyes “Whine Of The Mystic” An absolute joy of a record from the garage pop of ‘The Night of the First Show’ and ‘No Man Needs to Care’ via the countrified ‘Make Something’ to the circular grind of the brilliant ‘Delirium and Persecution Paranoia’. ‘Whine of the Mystic’ may in some ways appear dishevelled and scruffy, but at its heart is uplifting pop music. A cracker.

Nigel Chapman speaks much like he sings. As leader of the jangly indie band Nap Eyes, the singer-guitarist spills out his lyrics in wordy and occasional discursive heaps, exploring sociological and philosophical ideas through some sharp self-reflection.

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The ORIELLES – ” Space Doubt “

Posted: December 31, 2015 in MUSIC
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The Orielles first caught my attention with their jangly brand of surf-pop earlier this year with their single, ‘Space Doubt’. Now, having received praise from the likes of Steve Lamacq and NME, and spending the year headlining gigs across the country, these three teens from Halifax are most certainly looking like Ones To Watch for 2016.

Consisting of sisters Esme and Sidonie, with friend Henry on guitar, The Orielles are skilled at creating sunny melodies, fused with reverb-strewn harmonies and their own trademark sparkling, youthful energy.

Having featured The Orielles numerous times on numerous Music Show’s, my love for this young band was cemented when I saw them live at The Victoria in the Summer. Although they seem endearingly modest, the band performed their unique, effervescent upbeat melodies with all the youthful zest I could have hoped for.With plenty of acclaim, airplay and live dates under their belt, I can’t wait to hear what these teens have in store for us in 2016.