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I didn’t get the greatness of Nap Eyes instantly. It definitely took me some time, but now I can’t understand why I was so blind. Listening to the whole album Whine Of The Mystic opened my ears and now I consider myself as a big fan of the band who is looking forward to listening to the new album again and again . Nap Eyes sort of reminds me of some of my big favourites like The Modern Lovers, The Go-Betweens , but still they seem very original and unique.



Nap Eyes: The Best of What's Next

Nap Eyes “Whine Of The Mystic” An absolute joy of a record from the garage pop of ‘The Night of the First Show’ and ‘No Man Needs to Care’ via the countrified ‘Make Something’ to the circular grind of the brilliant ‘Delirium and Persecution Paranoia’. ‘Whine of the Mystic’ may in some ways appear dishevelled and scruffy, but at its heart is uplifting pop music. A cracker.

Nigel Chapman speaks much like he sings. As leader of the jangly indie band Nap Eyes, the singer-guitarist spills out his lyrics in wordy and occasional discursive heaps, exploring sociological and philosophical ideas through some sharp self-reflection.

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