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The much beloved Wintersleep have shared their first taste of new music in four years with the release of in the early part of this year with “Amerika”. The song comes from their upcoming album The Great Detachment, which was announced late last year after the band had just signed with Dine Alone Records. The title to the album is in reference to the band hitting somewhat of a reset button, having recently split with their longtime manager.

“We had a lot of time to slowly collect things. We weren’t rushed into it… there was nobody pressuring us to make a new album because we fired everybody, or we were out of our record contract. We’re doing this kind of fresh in a sense, so we felt like The Great Detachment was a good title.” 

A new beginning also features a return to the past, as the band headed back to Sonic Temple studio in Halifax, where they recorded their breakout, and Juno-winning, third album Welcome to the Night Sky. The new album was released last February, but until then watch this session in the Black Box where they performed the new single “Amerika”, “Oblivion”, and the indisputable classic “Weighty Ghost”.



“Amerika” from new album The Great Detachment, available from March 4th, 2016 on Dine Alone Records.

With The Great Detachment, Wintersleep’s sixth studio album, the Yarmouth-bred, Montreal-based five-piece is tighter than ever, delivering 11 new songs that err on the bigger, brasher side of a sound the band has honed for more than a decade. “So gimme the night, tonight/ I’m going to prove to you/ give me some time,” Paul Murphy pleads on standout single “Santa Fe,” but he doesn’t need the length of that nearly four-minute song to hook you: Wintersleep is back, and bolder than ever.

This five-piece out of Halifax, Nova Scotia formed in 2001 and has been cranking out indie rock hits ever since. Wintersleep has won one of Canada’s premier music awards, the JUNO, and will be releasing their sixth studio album, called The Great Detachment, on March 4. Having toured with the likes of Pearl Jam, Broken Social Scene, and even Paul McCartney, Wintersleep has the chops to put on a superb live show and is guaranteed not to disappoint at this year’s SXSW.

One of the ways I find new music is to go to the Soundcloud pages of labels of bands I like and see who else they have on their roster. And thus I have stumbled over a fair few bands that I have become a fan of Wintersleep, who, like The Dirty Nil (scrappy little band of my heart, Frozen North division), are Canadian and signed to Dine Alone RecordsWintersleep have been a band since 2001 and have won a Juno award! 

Their next record, The Great Detachment, will be released March 4th, and they’re stopping through SXSW later in the month. Here’s a three song sampler, featuring Amerika, Santa Fe and Territory.


All three songs are solid; I’m particularly partial to Amerika because . . . because I feel like it’s been a really long time since I’ve heard song like this, a little bit anthemic, a little bit of sledgehammer running through the bottom. All I can tell you is I think I’ve listened to it five times in a row. I’m also especially fond of Territory, which is a little bit lighter, tonally, than Amerika, and is mostly a reminder to assert one’s authentic self: You’re not a factory. You’re not supposed to be, you’ve been told, the territory of anyone.