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“I genuinely believe that this is the best record we’ve ever made,” says Felix. It looks like another epic journey is just about to begin…More expansive and ambitious than ever before, Gengahr are a band reborn. A testament to going it alone, “Sanctuary” is the experimental North London alt-pop four-piece’s finest body of work to date, a DIY triumph which welcomes old friend Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club as producer, adding his distinct brand of symphonic sparkle to Gengahr’s complex, layered sound.

Born of an epic journey, the follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 debut A Dream Outside and 2018’s Where Wildness Grows sees songwriter Felix Bushe tapping into personal pain but coming out fighting.

Mixed by the hugely in-demand Nathan Boddy (James Blake, Nilufer Yanya, Shame), Sanctuary runs the full gamut of human feeling, with the disco-inflected ‘Heavenly Maybe’ heavy with ennui as well as a powerful melody, detailing Felix’s experience of partying in order to distract him from his real life problems, while the soaring ‘Icarus’ sees him further opening up about the “world of pain” in which he found himself. Yet the beautiful, twinkling ‘Moonlight’ hints at a positive future. “I do want the album to be hopeful and ‘Moonlight’ is all about that,” he explains. “It’s a harmonious ending of unison and togetherness.” Written while in Vietnam with his wife, its lyrics turn Felix’s self-doubt into a lush, low-key eulogy for the bad times.

“I genuinely believe that this is the best record we’ve ever made,” says Felix. It looks like another epic journey is just about to begin…

North London’s Gengahr have today dropped a new single, ‘Heavenly Maybe’.

Premiered as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World on BBC Radio 1, the track is lifted from their album ‘Sanctuary’, due out on January 31st 2020.

The David J. East visuals for ‘Heavenly Maybe’ is the second of a two-part video zeries the band made in Berlin earlier this year.

Band Members
Felix, Danny, John, Hugh

“Heavenly Maybe” is taken from Gengahr’s new album “Sanctuary” – out Friday January 31st, 2020. Transgressive Records

Gengahr release their much anticipated return with their third full- length album, “Sanctuary”, via Liberator Music (part of The Mushroom Group).

More expansive and ambitious than ever before, Sanctuary is the experimental alt-pop band’s finest body of work to date, a DIY triumph which welcomes old friend Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club as producer, adding his distinct brand of symphonic sparkle to Gengahr’s complex, layered sound and pushing the band further into all-out pop territory than they’d ever dared stray before.

Recorded at the brand new Propagation House way out in Bude in Cornwall, the album also recaptures the magic that old school friends Felix Bushe, John Victor, Hugh Schulte and Danny Ward felt when they were making their debut. With mixing from the hugely in-demand Nathan Boddy (James Blake, Nilufer Yanya, Shame), additional production from John Victor and engineering from A Dream Outside’s engineer James Bragg, Sanctuary is vibrant, intoxicating, intimate and alive; the product of friends having a good time and seizing control of their own destiny.

The band said :We are overjoyed to let you know that our new album ‘Sanctuary’ is released on 31st January 2020 and includes our new single ‘Everything & More’ which is available now. We are so happy to be back!

The album was produced by our pal Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club and we are so proud of what we have created together.

Alongside shows already announced, we’re also going on tour next year in the UK,

The second album from Gengahr after 2015’s ‘A Dream Outside’, is a 12 track, 48-minute work produced by Neil Comber (Glass Animals, M.I.A, Songhoy Blues) and which sees the North Londoners move onwards and upwards from their inaugural outing.

For their second round, Gengahr introduce a bigger, bolder sound, working shimmering synths in with intricate guitars, and Felix Bushe’s melodic falsetto vocal. Sprightly opener ‘Before Sunrise’ zips along with uplifting twinkling percussion, leading on to ‘Mallory’s effectively winding, jangly guitar tones that are punctuated by abundant synths. It is here where we see depth emerging, yet still retaining the infectious rhythms.

Yet when hearing the more psychedelically tinged ‘Is This How You Love’, where Bushe’s falsetto reaches its powered heights over trademark melodies, and the more choppy, swaggering ‘I’ll Be Waiting’, that Gengahr start to really kick in; a catchy, swaying vibe carrying it along  on a buoyant wave.

Trademark distortion comes in again on ‘Carrion’, rolling from a quasi-experimental start, upping the ante in an unrestrained four and a half minute rush in its midway position. The album title track employs delicately constructed guitars in a more low-key song to those that have preceded it, although it does break away at one point into rampant moment of forceful distortion. But both this, ‘Blind Truth’, and the fuzzy ‘Burning Air’ rather pale against the rest of the album.

The big finale comes in the shape of the rather majestic ‘Whole Again’. A swooning roll of layered vocals and indelible lyrics (“A lost cause, but I’ll do better I’m sure / And we could be whole again”), the guitars in its last half especially are really quite delicious.

‘Where Wildness Grows’ grew out of the two years spent writing and recording ‘A Dream Outside’, a process which saw them reject multiple recordings and eventually return to the drawing board, re-group and head back to the studio with a renewed clarity and artistic determination. From little seeds, big albums grow.

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As we eagerly await their second album, Gengahr have been so kind as to share the title track from their next LP Where The Wildness GrowsAs you can imagine, it’s damn near perfect for today, blustery, mystical and layered beyond all measure.

Following singles ‘Carrion’ and ‘Mallory’ the title track from the album, which is out on March 9th, Gengahr are upping the appetite for their second album with this one. It’s a moving and ultimately compelling track that again showcases that Gengahr are a band for the present and the future.

Speaking of the track, Felix Bushe said: “Where Wildness Grows is an attempt to figure out what it is that makes us get out of bed in the morning. Where do we find the passion to create the lives we want for ourselves? And with these great expectations and ambitions, how do we cope when things don’t go to plan? I’m still not sure…”

They also shared details of the first Gengahr and Friends exhibition, which will take place between 14th-20th March in Hackney’s Side A/Side B Gallery. It will feature work from the band’s own Hugh Schulte as well as work from artists such as Alt-J, Mystery Jets, Slaves, Marika Hackman and many more.

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The band manage to exert a sense of modernism while still putting out good old fashioned indie pop. It’s an interesting trick and one that can be seen clearly on the new track ‘Before Sunrise’.The cut is taken from their forthcoming album, ‘Where Wildness Grows’, which is out on March 9th via Transgressive Records. The follow up to their much-acclaimed debut ‘A Dream Outside’, was produced by Neil Comber (Glass Animals, M.I.A, Songhoy Blues).

This track is another gem from these boys who are gifted when creating music to fit any scene you need. They can fill a party, they can wake you in the morning, they can burst your eardrums and soothe your soul. Gengahr have got it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Following their recently new tracks ‘Carrion’ and ‘Mallory’ the North London based band are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Backed by everyone worth their salt Gengahr will continue to make music to live by.

Felix Bushe said: “’Before Sunrise’ is a song that celebrates the relief and simplicity one can find lost in the night. A clarity and single mindedness that doesn’t exist in day to day life. A beautiful weightlessness that gradually dissolves as the sun comes up”.

tour date : 27/04 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Gengahr - Love Music; Love Life

It is with great pleasure that we finally get to announce what we’re sure a lot of you have suspected for a while now! We have a new album coming out and it is called ‘Where Wildness Grows’. It has been a labor of love to the full extent and we are dying for you all to hear it!. The first new track from Gengahr – Carrion – is now joined by another, Malloryand news of the album Where Wildness Grows from which they are both taken. It’ll be out in March next year, just before a UK tour .

Speaking of the new release, frontman Felix Bushe explained: “The journey has been far from straight-forward up until now and in many ways we are an altogether different band than the one that wrote ‘A Dream Outside’. Over the past two years, we have given everything in order to create an album that would meet all our ambitions, fulfilling our vision of what Gengahr is now…Having to reset, take stock and go at it again wasn’t easy, but we were confident in the songs we had. That is always the most important thing as an artist, above anything else. We are incredibly proud of the record we have made and beyond excited to release it into the world for others to enjoy.”

The album will be released on 9th March and in the mean time here’s our latest single ‘Mallory’, which you will be able to download immediately when you pre-order the album!

Due out on March 9th via Transgressive Records, the album is the follow-up to the band’s 2015 acclaimed debut ‘A Dream Outside’.

GENGAHR – ” Carrion “

Posted: September 22, 2017 in MUSIC

Over the past two years we have been writing and recording the follow up to “A Dream Outside’. It is safe to say we have never worked harder and more creatively on anything in our lives. It is with great pleasure that we now get to share ‘Carrion’. It is a song unlike anything else we’ve previously released and feels seemingly appropriate to break the long silence. 

On the 13th of October we will be playing an intimate show at Omeara in London. Tickets  are now on sale right now .

In the Studio: Gengahr

For the follow-up to their outstanding ‘A Dream Outside’ debut, Gengahr have shredded their self-imposed rulebook. Gengahr emerged after a few years of road miles and self-discovery, the debut album was a amazing release and one of the best albums of 2015 titled ‘A Dream Outside’.

Gengahr’s Felix, John, Danny and Hugh have never been ones to shy away from dark subject matter. Named after a purple ghost Pokémon, their debut album “A Dream Outside” featured tracks such as “Dizzy Ghosts”, “She’s A Witch” and “Fill My Gums With Blood”. The visuals for their latest grim tale of psychedelic love lost, Tired Eyes, saw the boys call on dancing demons, sexy witches, ghosts, ghouls, Miyazaki’s No Face and even some Pokémon friends to join them for a death dance. The Band are currently mid-UK tour.

“When we did the first album, we didn’t tour anything, we hadn’t played live, so it was very much a studio album,” admits frontman Felix Bushe. Everything about Gengahr’s rise was back-to-front they had played the O2 Arena before a single headline show, built up a large fanbase before they’d even stepped on a stage. For the recording of their second release “The whole process on this album has been totally different to the first one,” Felix admits, a note of relief in his voice.

With the pressure gauge dropped, album two’s been given space to breathe. Holing up in their Hackney home last December, they spent six months writing “pretty relentlessly”. Not content with just forming the bare bones of a follow-up, they put their road experience to good use, ensuring that everything they could do with the four of them was nailed down before heading into a Shoreditch studio for two months of solid summertime recording. Then they picked it all apart. “We kept writing in the studio, in a way,” says bassist Hugh Schulte. “Messing around with loads of changes, experimenting with tracks. We had enough time to record a track, then re-record it differently.

Because we didn’t play many shows live before the first album. I think that gave us a creative advantage, because we were suddenly informed about what we wanted to do just by playing shows, rather than having to do any real musical soul searching. A lot of that work was done for us by standing on stage going, ‘Oh shit, it works like this now.’ Going back and writing again, everything was slightly different, so that made life easier.”

Gengahr performing an acoustic version of their single ‘Heroine’ for Vevo Originals.

We didn’t have any keyboards or anything other than guitars, bass, drums on the first record, and there’s definitely a lot more stuff on this record,” Felix explains. “We’ve experimented a lot more. With the first record we put together, we made sure that everything we put in, we could play live. “John’s pedalboard has grown quite a lot,” says Danny, while the guitarist in question sits upstairs laying down the final pieces of his lauded, mind-bending six-stringing, “so there’s quite a lot of synthy sounding sounds.”

Gengahr perform ‘Lonely As A Shark’, & ‘Tired Eyes’ for Tenement TV.

With all the signs seem to pointing towards an early 2017 release, that incoming, extensive UK tour’s set to be the perfect launch-pad for Gengahr’s evolution of their new songs . “Adding some new stuff to the set that includes the songs from the debut album that always adds a level of excitement to it,” admits the frontman.

“We’re listening back and making tweaks and just kind of finalising everything,” he smiles, their last week in the studio drawing to a close. “It’s the hard bit now. It’s the letting go!”.

A dark, dreamy dose of romantic pop that rises and falls between icy climes of quivering vocals to the warm, dark depths of fluid driving riffs. There’s touches of psychedelia, swirling elegantly around simplistic melodies that soothe and gently etch themselves into your mind. Gengahr are in no rush to make an impression you, this is no deluge of dream pop, it is not intended to blast you away floundering and wondering what’s going on. It’s a far more gentle, progressive record that washes over you in slight ebbs and flows and allows you to drift away, tuning into the occasional raucous solo. Stick on “Bathed In Light” and try not to picture yourself rowing a raft, your toes dangling in the water. Delightful grooves accompany perfected guitar effects of John Victor, but Gengahr are a band we’re already eager to hear develop, from their already irresistible sound that can slot neatly into practically any mood.

In March last year, The band Gengahr emerged from north London with breakthrough demo ‘Fill My Gums With Blood’, a vampiric love song on which singer Felix Bushe implored, “Let me in/So I can drink from you”. The quartet’s debut album sounds just as unsettling. “I’ve changed for the better now there’s metal in my heart”, sings Bushe in his delicate falsetto on the iridescent ‘Heroine’, like some kind of lovelorn Iron Man. ‘Lonely As A Shark’, meanwhile, has him “lonely as a shark in a dark room, counting away” over rippling guitars, and the woozy ‘She’s A Witch’ wonders “Maybe she’ll sink, maybe she’ll fly/I caught a witch that cries all the time”. Throughout these 11 gently psychedelic tracks, John Victor weaves an aura of calm via unconventional but pretty guitar patterns that counterbalance Bushe’s romantic tribulations. The result is a record that cloaks Gengahr’s inherent weirdness in peaceful melodies you’ll want to wallow in for hours.