GENGAHR – ” Haunter “

Posted: November 19, 2016 in MUSIC
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In the Studio: Gengahr

For the follow-up to their outstanding ‘A Dream Outside’ debut, Gengahr have shredded their self-imposed rulebook. Gengahr emerged after a few years of road miles and self-discovery, the debut album was a amazing release and one of the best albums of 2015 titled ‘A Dream Outside’.

Gengahr’s Felix, John, Danny and Hugh have never been ones to shy away from dark subject matter. Named after a purple ghost Pokémon, their debut album “A Dream Outside” featured tracks such as “Dizzy Ghosts”, “She’s A Witch” and “Fill My Gums With Blood”. The visuals for their latest grim tale of psychedelic love lost, Tired Eyes, saw the boys call on dancing demons, sexy witches, ghosts, ghouls, Miyazaki’s No Face and even some Pokémon friends to join them for a death dance. The Band are currently mid-UK tour.

“When we did the first album, we didn’t tour anything, we hadn’t played live, so it was very much a studio album,” admits frontman Felix Bushe. Everything about Gengahr’s rise was back-to-front they had played the O2 Arena before a single headline show, built up a large fanbase before they’d even stepped on a stage. For the recording of their second release “The whole process on this album has been totally different to the first one,” Felix admits, a note of relief in his voice.

With the pressure gauge dropped, album two’s been given space to breathe. Holing up in their Hackney home last December, they spent six months writing “pretty relentlessly”. Not content with just forming the bare bones of a follow-up, they put their road experience to good use, ensuring that everything they could do with the four of them was nailed down before heading into a Shoreditch studio for two months of solid summertime recording. Then they picked it all apart. “We kept writing in the studio, in a way,” says bassist Hugh Schulte. “Messing around with loads of changes, experimenting with tracks. We had enough time to record a track, then re-record it differently.

Because we didn’t play many shows live before the first album. I think that gave us a creative advantage, because we were suddenly informed about what we wanted to do just by playing shows, rather than having to do any real musical soul searching. A lot of that work was done for us by standing on stage going, ‘Oh shit, it works like this now.’ Going back and writing again, everything was slightly different, so that made life easier.”

Gengahr performing an acoustic version of their single ‘Heroine’ for Vevo Originals.

We didn’t have any keyboards or anything other than guitars, bass, drums on the first record, and there’s definitely a lot more stuff on this record,” Felix explains. “We’ve experimented a lot more. With the first record we put together, we made sure that everything we put in, we could play live. “John’s pedalboard has grown quite a lot,” says Danny, while the guitarist in question sits upstairs laying down the final pieces of his lauded, mind-bending six-stringing, “so there’s quite a lot of synthy sounding sounds.”

Gengahr perform ‘Lonely As A Shark’, & ‘Tired Eyes’ for Tenement TV.

With all the signs seem to pointing towards an early 2017 release, that incoming, extensive UK tour’s set to be the perfect launch-pad for Gengahr’s evolution of their new songs . “Adding some new stuff to the set that includes the songs from the debut album that always adds a level of excitement to it,” admits the frontman.

“We’re listening back and making tweaks and just kind of finalising everything,” he smiles, their last week in the studio drawing to a close. “It’s the hard bit now. It’s the letting go!”.

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