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Best Behavior have also crafted their own mix of surf and garage-rock with a playful ’60s vibe.

Inspired by heartbreak and a not-so-sunny prediction made by an astrologer, frontman Alex Gruenburg wrote the band’s debut LP in under a month, and went on to play and sing every part himself. The album, “Good Luck Bad Karma”, is due out August 14th on Money Fire Records.


We are loving the lead single Buried On A Mountain, which features melodic vocal harmonies awash in a sea of reverb and jangling guitars. It sounds like it was plucked wholesale from a tripped out hippy beach party in 1967 and given a modern makeover.


Ola’ Kool Kitchen is a show on Freeform Portland, Rock XS Radio, Magic Monster Radio, KCLA 99.3 FM in Los Angeles, DCRC Radio 1, 107.5 andhow.FM, Primal Radio and The Indie Authority This is an interview with Mark Gardener from the band Ride. A special thank you to Kelley Pope for making this happen from the official Creation Records sites which can be found here… !

1. Ride-Taste-Nowhere-Creation
2. Mark Gardener Interview
3. Ride-Close My Eyes-Nowhere-Creation
4. Mark Gardener Interview
5. Ride-How Does It Feel To Feel-Carnival Of Light-Creation
6. Mark Gardener Interview
7. Ride-Leave Them all Behind-Going Blank Again-Creation



Los Angeles based 60’s Garage Band: “Live for FUZZ, Strive for Authenticity”


MAGIC JAKE & THE POWER CRYSTALS “STILL SO YOUNG” FROM THEIR DEBUT ALBUM BACK ON BURGER CASSETTE!!! All-star Detroit Garage Punk featuring Bobby Harlow on vocals, Magic Jake (from King Tuff) on bass and Justin Walker & Ben Luckett from John Krautner’s band.

The Black Tambourines, From the instant catchiness of their first EP, ‘Chica‘ in 2011, to the cohesive balance of their self-titled record, The Black Tambourines have forged an unavoidable template of Garage-Pop that has naturally developed into an enticing and rewarding sound.

Their penchant for inescapable melodies and harmonies has consistently stood out, displaying their ability with a pop hook or two within fuzzy refrains and wild live sets. With ‘Freedom‘, each of those elements have been brought further into the fore, yet most importantly so has the underrated creativity of the band.

I Wanna Stay Away‘ is a focused ball of energy, while ‘Hurricane‘ elicits such strength in its chorus yet is delivered with such casualness that it completely defines the record as a whole, displaying the freedom in what they can achieve. The record will be an inspired display of pop-writing, yet delving further within shall reward in droves.


Dumpster Tapes in Chicago had a big year in 2014 and they’re continuing the story in 2015. Their latest is a full length from Son Of A Gun a 12-track cassette rolled into a raging fireball of frenetic garage punk energy.

They wound these tracks up tight, slapped on a fuse, doused them in gasoline and lit a match. The ensuing explosion created “No Bread”. Operating as a 4-piece, they run rampant through 12 scorching tracks in 29 minutes, slamming the pedal to the metal and never giving it a second thought. They’re forceful and relentless, creating the perfect soundtrack as you fly down the highway without ever dipping below 100mph.

Songs never crack the 3-minute mark, but they’re packed full with mangled guitars and rumbling bass for a completely ear-shredding sound. Vocal duties are shared by guitarists Nick and Garrett, creating a two-pronged attack of raspy, riotous chanting. They proceed to pummel with drumming that never slows, sustaining their wild pace from front to back. “Looks So Good” opens the tape and quickly gets things going, showcasing snarling vocals and agile, fire-fueled guitars. “Hanging Up On Me” comes with spiny little guitar hooks and a wonky bass line for support, creating an invigorating and elastic bridge that keeps the stampede steamrolling over everything in sight. “Come Back” opens with shredded chords and some grungy bass tones, spearheaded by unruly vocal howling and wigged-out guitar licks. By the time it’s all said and done, “No Bread” turns out to be a completely exhilarating batch of aggressive garage punk. Take these few examples below as proof and order the tapeNo  before it’s all gone

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, FRANKIE & THE WITCH FINGERS drop their cataclysmic 12″ debut tomorrow on Permanent Records. The album is home to a scathing new set of LSD-cured garage rock.

After a couple of other early releases (a first cassette on Nice Legs Records and a 4-way split 7″ on Stroll On Records), it’s about time they’ve got a full-length to share. Their record showcases fearless punk snarl with a bright, twangy surf flare, not to mention an added dose of wicked, psych-fueled tones. The LP is rife with sizzling guitars that fall somewhere between fuzzy and wiry, backed by rollicking bass lines and explosive percussion. This all creates a bone-rattling sound and you can feel the elements at work as the ground rumbles beneath your feet.

These guys shake out hook after hook and every last one of them has the power to stick to you like glue. “Flower Pedals” sets the tone immediately and opens with a monstrous tidal wave. “Knife Fight” comes with a groovy little hook and it’s as invigorating as they come. Sharp-edged guitars aim for the throat, fortified by trashcan soloing and a bout of ear-piercing fuzz to close out strong. Guitars come with a neon glow in “Revival,” backed by the skuzzed up croon of frontman Dylan Sizemore whose voice recalls the Cosmonauts or even Ty Segall. Colorful synth swells saturate the air as you drift deep into spacey psychedelia. “Lou Reed” is streaked with lysergic, desert-bound guitar rays shining through the murky backdrop. They hold it together with a steady beat as the air is warmed by a cloud of glowing synths. They slow down the pace with “Smiling,” built with cooing vocals and bouncy bass lines for a completely hypnotizing affair.

It’s limited to 500 pieces with 150 on “potion pink” vinyl

Coming soon on In the Red Records.Black JaspersScum of the Moon!!!! Featuring John Boy Adonis of the Shrines on drums, King Khan has, in his Moon Studios and elsewhere, collaborated and recorded with friends and people he respects; as he told an interviewer, he records only people he loves, Khan and Jasper Hood of the Moorat Fingers became The Black Jaspers, under which they recorded an album released in 2009 on In The Red Records.  In November 2011, during the first Tandoori Knights’ North American tour, he announced that new releases were soon to come from both Tandoori Knights and the Black Jaspers.


Ola’s Kool Kitchen podcast 262 your favorite musical cocktail is here! Featuring The Black Delta Movement, Allie’s Dope, FRANKIE ROSE andKristin McClement! Shout to Matt Burr, Colin Burr and Davide Mighali. If you dig it please share it and let people know it’s out there!

Show Tracklist 262
1. Bluetones-Slight Return-single-Superior
2. Bunnygrunt-Names Of Trees-Jen-Fi-No Life

3. The Black Delta Movement-The Trip-Single-Ruby Music
4. Allie’s Dope -Misread When Overthought-Beauteous-unsigned
5. Frankie Rose – Thee Only One-Thee Only One-Slumberland Records
6. Pearl Harbor and The Explosions-Drivin’-Pearl Harbor and The Explosions-Warner
7. Mecca Normal-I Walk Alone-Mecca Normal-Smarten up!
8. Matthew E. White-Holy Moly-Fresh Blood-Domino Records
9. Dubstar -Not So Manic Now-Disgraceful-Food Records
10. Huey Piano Smith and The Clowns-Don’t Just Know It-single-Ace Records
11. Ike and Tina Turner-I Can’t Believe What You Say (For Seeing What You Do)-single-Kent
12. FRANCOISE HARDY -Tous Les Garçons Et Les Fille- Tous Les Garçons Et Les Fille-Vogue Disques
13. Kristin McClement-Hoax Of A Man-Wild Grips-Willkommen Records
14. The Walkmen – Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Go



Philadelphia’s Sheer Mag came walking straight out of a garage with its debut EP late last year. Their recordings sound like they were pulled from a 10-inch dug out of a pile of Thin Lizzy albums, power chords and reverb everywhere. Now, they’re back with another 7-inch EP due later this year from Katorga Works.

On first single “Button Up”, the five-piece ups the production value, but only so that it can emphasize the scuzzy guitar chords that run amuck all over the track. Don’t be scared by having to dig through all those thorns, because underneath is a full stroll of a bass, a simple ticky-tack of a drum, and a hidden gem of a surfy guitar line. Check out the sheer magnitudesheer mag