SHOPPING – ” In Other Words / You Are a Sort “

Posted: July 28, 2016 in MUSIC
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An English post-punk trio that sound like they’ve flown a Back to the Future DeLorean straight out of the late-’70s and into the Rough Trade C86 catalog. Finger-picked guitar melodies and jittery bass and percussion own their debut album, “Consumer Complaints”, which Fat Cat Records reissued
Sounds a little like if the Raincoats played a joint show with the Feelies, then convinced Electrelane to reunite.
While you wait for their LP to resurface (the original came out in 2013 on London’s MÏLK Records), you can listen to the convulsing single “In Other Words”. At live shows, Shopping is boundlessly energetic. Musically, as on their upbeat 2015 album Why Choose, they’re sparse but distinctive, with fast drums, catchy hooks, and a post-punk strut.


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