The BLINDERS – ” Murder At The Ballet “

Posted: March 26, 2017 in MUSIC
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The Blinders, Manchester-based three-piece formerly of Doncaster, are arguably one of the most vital of the current crop of emerging new artists, combining visceral political punk rock with enigmatic, psychedelic rawness and poetic overtones.
The band’s three members – Thomas Haywood (vocals/guitar), Charlie McGough (bass), Matt Neale (drums/percussion)
For a band who’s cracked such a wicked song as ‘Swine’, and the ‘Hidden Horror Dance’ EP


The EP for the band was something brand new and we’d never tried a sound like that before. Everything before that was very middle of the road. We felt like it wasn’t getting anywhere, we enjoyed playing it, but it wasn’t getting anywhere. Then we listened to a band called The Wytches, plus got into ‘Humbug’ by Arctic Monkeys, and then through there we developed a sound from that.  Me and Charlie got dead into politics at school and through that, it came into the music, you know? You write about what you know. From there, we had the EP and especially the single ‘Swine.’ That’s a sort of manifestation of all of that put together. That’s our proudest work.


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