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Daily Dose: Deafheaven, "Canary Yellow"

Deafheaven’s sound often feel light and effortless. The San Francisco rockers’ impressive blend of post-hardcore, screamo, and heavy metal achieves a surprisingly transcendent, almost revelatory quality, fueled by tight and aggressive rhythms and frontman George Clarke’s raw, guttural shrieks.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, which follows 2015’s New Bermuda and 2013’s crossover hit Sunbather, is out July 13th via Anti-Records. Check out the song “Canary Yellow” below, which clocks in at over 12 minutes long. Opening with an airy and melodic vibe, the track soon explodes into perfectly controlled hard rock chaos.

“Canary Yellow” by Deafheaven from the album ‘Ordinary Corrupt Human Love,’ available July 13th


new bermuda cover

Deafheaven – New Bermuda
Released October 2nd ANTI Records) remember that Deafheaven is a substantially different band than the one that churned out “Sunbather” two years ago. the sense of urgency derived from a dire economic situation that permeated the band’s critically-acclaimed breakthrough album may be subdued, but this is a creative force bent on melding genre confines into a fluid product. at the very least, New Bermuda will not fall short on intrigue. Yet again fusing shoegaze, post-rock, and several strands of metal, the passion that Deafheaven had searched for was right before them. The box others have created for the band is ravaged by the beast that is George Clarke when he screams for the world to surrender to blackness (“Brought to the Water”). New Bermuda is a land with the blackest nights and the most beautiful suns


Deafheaven already released a track from their new album “New Bermuda” due 2nd October via ANTI-RECORDS and now they just put out another. It’s called “Come Back” and it’s another colossal ripper. Like the last single, it proves Deafheaven aren’t letting a little fame or a little “hipster cred” get to them, they’re in fact sounding heavier this time. It’s not all attack though. It goes into clean post-rocky territory for a large chunk of its 9+ minute run time too. At its most emotional peak, “Come Back” sounds an awful lot like My Chemical Romance’s “Ghost of You” (at least to me). This is not to discredit New Bermuda or “Come Back” in any way; it actually makes the song all the more effective. Deafheaven’s will to integrate striking melody into their cacophony is perfectly represented, allowing the song to also serve as an example of why Deafheaven is black metal’s best black sheep.


Since the previous album “Sunbather”, Deafheaven have frequently been tagged as purveyors of a sub-subgenre called “blackgaze,” i.e., a style of music that blends black metal with shoegaze. “Blackgaze” is such a dumb term in general, but notably, it is absent the word “metal” — and coincidentally, many blackgaze bands seem to reflect that absence in their own sounds. But “Brought To The Water,” the first single from Deafheaven’s forthcoming third LP, New Bermuda”, manages to stay on the path blazed by Sunbather  and the Deafheaven’s 2011 debut, Roads To Judah ” also incorporating elements of old-school, horn-throwing METAL that feel both invigorating and timeless. “Brought To The Water” is immediately more rugged and organic than anything on Sunbather; where that album achieved soaring heights, “Brought To The Water” suggests unexpected depths.