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Singer-songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff spends his time straddled between musical ley lines. When he performs with Night Sweats, his sound gears more toward fiery, horn-driven soul music. Under his own name, however, the Colorado native reflects inward, cultivating a brand of rich and contemplative folk. Before Night Sweats drop its latest LP this spring, Rateliff goes solo with the release of the “Closer” EP on January 27th via Mod y Vi Records.

Stripped down and unabashedly bare-bones, the six-track effort is a showcase of  Nathaniel Rateliff’s poignant lyrics and multi-faceted vocals. “Liverpool” finds him at his most laidback and unassuming, crooning about a modern love affair like some self-aware Sinatra. “Laughter” does away with the lyrical focus and instead emphasizes layers of rich, emotionally resonant harmonies. No matter what topic he’s exploring, or the inherent emotional scope, Rateliff is a master at gently reeling listeners in by the heartstrings.

For the Night Sweats LP, Rateliff is recording alongside producer Richard Swift (The Black Keys, The Shins, Foxygen).


My God is the second track taken from the superb new EP “Closer” recorded in Los Angeles, Cannot wait the debut album from the gorgeous Singer Songwriter from Blackpool, Rae has just finished her headline tour,