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Hardly Art’s Lala Lala and Basement’s Baths have released “€ € € €^^%%!!!!!heaven!!!!!!”, a new single they co-wrote and produced.

In a joint statement, Lala Lala’s Lillie West and Baths’ Will Wiesenfeld say, “This song was born of a mutual fandom between both artists. Ideas and responsibilities were evenly split as the production came together.”

“Lillie’s music is great and working together was an instant yes! The process was the most fun I’ve ever had collaborating even though we worked remotely,” added Wiesenfeld. “Lillie’s music is great and working together was an instant yes!. Lillie writes, “I am obsessed with Will both professionally and personally. Collaborating was an extreme pleasure.”

100% of artists’ and labels’ share over the first month of sales will be donated between two organizations; Black Aids Institute, “the only premier uniquely and unapologetic-ally Black think and do tank in America powered by two decades of work to end the Black HIV epidemic and led by people who represent the issues we serve,” and Restore Justice Illinois,which “advocates for fairness, humanity, and compassion throughout the Illinois criminal justice system, with a primary focus on those affected by extreme sentences imposed on our youth.”


Released July 24th, 2020

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For the better part of a decade, Baths‘ elegiac dance floor anthems have embodied F. Scott Fitzgerald’s adage about how first rate minds are those that can hold two opposing ideas in their head at the same time. His latest “Wistful (Fata Morgana)” masters this propulsive duality, balancing strobe light-ready BPMS with emotional pathos. It’s the sort of song a celestial deity would want play at the club after a crushing breakup. The mysterious nexus between loneliness and euphoria.

If the best pop music (and art) contains contradictions, the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born Will Wiesenfeld has mastered the art of combining profound sadness with sweaty catharsis. With his seraphic voice, he meditates on “cloudy harbor vapor,” a breeze forlornly running fingers through your hair, and the melancholy of having empty conversations with the wind. His loved one is “still out on a boat somewhere,” inevitably fated to never return. The only solace is the melody, the beat, and the song itself that allows you to drift off into the infinite distance.

released November 13th, 2019

Written, produced, & performed by Will Wiesenfeld

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“I Love You Always Forever” has been covered time and time again, usually to convincing effect. Betty Who’s 2016 take captured its ethereality, and Baths’ take, eases into the calm of it all. It ebbs and flows with a sense of purpose, like the one that comes with new love. Will Wiesenfeld (aka Baths)’s voice brims with desire, tender and true. “I’ve adored this song from the moment I heard it when I was very young,” he tells us. “In attempting a cover, it was difficult to strike a balance between retaining the spirit of the original and still putting my own spin on it, but I’m very happy with where it ended up. It’s a gesture of my appreciation for one of the most important songs in my life.”

“I Love You Always Forever” will appear on one of Amazon Music’s two Amazon Originals Valentine’s Day-themed playlists dropping February 9th. Since this song is happier, it’s falling under the Love Me playlist, while broken hearts will find comfort in the Love Me Not playlist.