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One of 2015’s most ambitious records, Anna von Hausswolff is a diamond in carving out colossal songs which start in one place and evolve into a myriad of others before, very often, bursting into something quite magnificent. We fell in love with The Miraculous the first time we heard the sprawling 10-minuter Come Wander With Me/Deliverance – before the whole album sound tracked a grey October in Budapest. The fourth album by Sweden’s Anna von Hausswolff grapples with mortality, but the music is far from morose. In fact, Dead Magic is possibly her most triumphant release to date, offering uplifting crescendos propelled by rising rhythms, swelling guitars, and von Hausswolff’s seemingly-unlimited vocal powers. It helps that von Hausswolf recorded the organ parts in one of the largest churches in Scandinavia, giving the album’s cathartic bombast and even more epic feel. But it’s not the tools von Hausswolf used that make Dead Magic so intoxicating; it’s the transfixing vision and unswerving commitment she brings to every note that she utters.


Me, my band and Randall Dunn spent 9 days in Copenhagen recording this record. The great pipe organ you’re hearing is a 20th century instrument located in Marmor Kirken, “The Marble Church”, Copenhagen.

Here is a poem for you by the Swedish writer Walter Ljungquist (1900-1974):
”Take the fate of a human being, a thin pathetic line that contours and encircles an infinite and unknown silence. It is in this very silence, in an only imagined and unknown centre, that legends are born. Alas! That is why there are no legends in our time. Our time is a time deprived of silence and secrets; in their absence no legends can grow.”

Please enjoy the music. Yours sincerely, Anna von Hausswolff” released March 2nd, 2018


“Sweden’s bad vibes queen” and who, as a musician, is capable of creating compositions so vast and amazingly immersive that they swallow you whole – organ-led drone pieces that are like stepping into a dense moorland fog, only to be met with a soaring, surrounding vocal that somehow feels as enormous as it does contained.

Whilst there is an overtly ‘dark’ tone to what Anna Von Hausswolff produces, often because of the naturally gloomy tone of the organ used – along with a propensity for using drone techniques to create funeral-like churns – it’s really only a surface level assumption (and largely inaccurate) to associate it with any inherent bleakness. You only have to look at ‘Mountains Crave’ from her 2013 album ‘Ceremony’ to see the sort of pop-tinged material she is capable of producing, or any number of moments on her latest record, which go from doom metal blasts to inspired, almost traditionally structured song craft. Her most recent album, ‘The Miraculous’, opens with a booming pipe organ, one that blasts like an angry foghorn, like a boat’s off-course warning signal as it sails towards an inevitable collision. The album, however, is not inspired by an impending sense of doom; it is more a sonic realisation of the power of nature, imagination and improvisation.


This is the second single from Anna von Hausswolff´s The Miraculous. Out November 13th, 2015
Pre-Order “The Miraculous” Some seriously heavy vibes from Anna and her organ – pitched somewhere between drone and indie-noise-rock. Sounds intense, which it is, but also amazing. In the year I fell back in love with Spacemen 3, this was the perfect accompaniment.

The cover of Anna von Hausswolff’s forthcoming album The Miraculous features stunning black-and-white photography courtesy of the fantastic Anders Nydam, who ended up working outside of his comfort zone to create the visuals. With a love of Scandinavian Black/Death metal albums, and why he’d join Anna’s army in the event of an interstellar dogfight.

Swedish organist Anna Von Hausswolff released the gorgeously austere Ceremony a couple years back, and she’s prepping a new LP titled The Miraculous, which was recorded on a colossal pipe organ in Northern Sweden. Her forthcoming album’s first takeaway Come Wander With Me/Deliverance is a sprawling, 11 minute behemoth that sweeps between gothic ambience and dramatic, heavy metal. “An oath,” her latest single, is a fiery and vociferous 3-minute song that wastes no time to cast you into its flames. Beginning with a simple organ melody, it quickly takes off into a siren of brazen celebration. It’s a confident and carousing song, as if its marking an epic, historical event or leading an army into a storm. Hear the awe-inspiring track below.



The Miraculous is out on November 13th; Anna von Hausswolff plays London’s Oslo on December 8th. Check out the video for Ny – which was directed by Anna’s sister Maria and shot by Anders Nydam.

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