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Melbourne singer Anna Cordell plays tender yet deceptively complex folk music that belies a
childhood spent her childhood learning the piano, guitar and musical theory. Her voice is rich and warm yet lyrically her music is filled with angst and conflict, a emotional impact heightened by her penchant for the minor key.

Next month will see the Melbourne based artist Anna Cordell release her long awaited and much anticipated debut album “Nobody Knows Us”. Having shared its first two singles, the subtle drama of ‘You’ and the spiritual title track late last year, she now shares the earnest and vexed third, ‘Tried So Hard’. Musically, a delicate underlying drift carries the song’s slow burning dynamic forward tracing both its contemplative subject matter and Cordell’s intimate and emotively inflected vocal as it oscillates between the breathily philosophical to the angelically quizzical. She explains the meaning behind of the track thus;

“It’s (about) asking for love in the face of different ways of seeing the world, a song that grapples with the insecurities so many of us have in understanding our capacity to love and be loved.”


As far as debut album’s go, Nobody Knows Us comes via rather unconventional means. It’s one where Cordell’s lived experiences and long, albeit fragmented, symbiotic relationship with music palpably shines. Few artists releasing their debut album would have a backstory that involved quitting music for a decade, having and raising five children, and forging out a career and successful boutique label in another artistic endeavour — fashion design. At the same time, few artists could end up making a debut this thematically mature and delicately nuanced with such an un-guardedly honest self awareness.

Listen to ‘Tried so Hard’ will be self released on February 14th. the forthcoming album, ‘Nobody Knows Us’, 


Melbourne folk talent Anna Cordell is today sharing the track by track for her stunning new debut EP “These Walls. Following on from her warmly received debut single ‘I’ll Wait Here’ These Walls was produced by Dave Manton (LULUC, Gossling, Matt Walker). Since 2013 Anna Cordell has been fine tuning her craft, playing shows all over town, and her new stunning stripped back five track release takes the listener through Anna’s undeniable talent for crafting some of the most moving and enthralling folk tunes we’ve heard all year.


MICHAEL This song is inspired something what my grandfather taught as a child. He was a firm believer in logic and philosophy, but also a man with deep faith. He would teach me maths and geography, and almost in the same breath teach me that every human had a guardian, a spirit who watches over them… and that if we ask we can know their names. It stuck with me partly because I was baffled…even as a kid I doubted it. But there’s always this little part of me left wondering.

NOW I KNOW Originally written as I mused on the mistakes I made early in my relationship, this song has grown since and taken on a broader meaning… there are so many regrets we can all have, sometimes the song becomes a spiritual/ sacramental kind of thing which allows me to sing it with purpose forever really because, being your average human I’ll always have some mistake to be sorry for!

RUN AROUND This just poured out. It sums up how I felt in that very moment… overwhelmed, knowing I need to stop, slow down, but keeping busy so I didn’t have to think. It’s about getting caught up in busy-ness as a drug, as a distraction from these deep feelings of hopelessness or failure. Our society has glorified it and I am a victim of the false idea of busy as a virture. You end up missing so much, and I know that, but it’s addiction, it’s not so easy to get out of. This song is kind of venting that self- frustration I suppose.

BLUE ROSE I wrote this when I knew a friend was going through something deeply painful, but I wasn’t meant to know, so I was forced to go on with the pretense that everything was fine. When I first wrote this I was singing it to her. Now, sometimes I sing it to myself, or my daughter, or my ailing grandmother or anyone who feels invisible. Its taken on a life of its own.

THESE WALLS This is also about my Grandfather. At 17 I was living with my grandparents when he died. He was my father figure. It’s written from my Grandmothers position though, I went on living with her after he died and I saw the yearning she had for him through her grief which has lasted to this day. Like him however, she has this incredible faith in the fact that they will meet again and that hope has completely dispelled her own fear of dying.

‘THESE WALLS’ EP will be available Saturday 29th August