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Alice Boman is back with new single “Don’t Forget About Me”, lifted from her forthcoming debut album “Dream On”. Expanding on her new offering, Bomansays, “This song is about holding on to a fantasy about something or someone. It has happened to me a few times when I’ve been into someone, or the idea of someone, but known that it’s not gonna last or happen for various reasons. You know how it’s gonna go, but you still want hold on to some kind of illusion, just a little bit longer. You’re in some kind of dreamlike state, just to prolong the feeling. Dancing is a way for me to do that. To be in your body, in the feeling, in the moment.”

“Don’t Forget About Me” is the fourth single to be shared from Dream On, after last month’s “The More I Cry”, “Wish We Had More Time” and “This Is Where It Ends”.

The new track features drums from John Eriksson of Peter Bjorn & John. Boman’s soft-focus indie pop is delicate to the touch, but delivers a hefty emotional punch capable of delivering an unlikely K.O.

A lot of artists have covered Tim Hardin’s  song “Reason To Believe,” this folk ballad written in 1965 by the late singer-songwriter.  Covers by Marianne Faithful, Neil Young and Rickie Lee Jones. But few have breathed as much heartache  and longing as this new version from Sweden’s Alice Boman .

Shot in a large, empty hall at Hotel Blume in Baden, Switzerland, the video is as spare and remote as Alice Boman’s arrangement. “Knowing that you lied straight-faced while I cried,” she sings, with only her piano and incidental sounds to accompany her  “Still I look to find a reason to believe.” . While Tim Hardin’s original version of “Reason To Believe” has an almost breezy swing to it, Boman slows it way down and finds its most broken pieces. “I love this song,” she says. “The melody. And the directness of it. It’s one of those lyrics that just hit you, and you cannot not listen.” Boman says her version was inspired by singer Karen Dalton’s cover. Boman has released two EPs, Skisser and EP II.


Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman recently released her latest collection of work, simply titled EP II. The album includes straightforward lyrics and an emphasis on her vocals, and although it’s already receiving plenty of love from critics, Alice Boman isn’t finished recording music for fans. She’s released a cover of The War On Drugs’ “Red Eyes” that reveals her versatility.

“I love this band and this song is one of my favorites of theirs,” she said. “The guitars and the atmosphere in it. I’ve had it on repeat.” Boman says that singing cover songs carries a special kind of weight.

“There is such a joy in singing the songs of others,” she said. “Especially when they’re not so similar to what you write yourself. It’s interesting how those songs sometimes make me use my voice in a new or slightly different way… Discovering things, little things. Thats inspiring. ‘Red Eyes’ is one of those songs and I like how it feels, singing it. The melody and the rhythm of the words.”


Swedish singer-songwriter Alice Boman released EP II + Skisser last year and one of the songs from that was just given given a video by director Christoffer Castor, comprised entirely from old home movies.

The vintage 8mm footage works well with Boman’s spare, delicate song and you can watch the “Burns” video

Says the director:

There’s a small abandoned cabin far into the woods of southern Sweden. It seems like nobody been living there for a very long time. It’s still furnished but others have been there, tumbling around, looking for valuables. They’ve missed out. What’s left is the memories of what i think is an older lady, a well-traveled lady. There’s a lot of old worn out suitcases in the attic and there’s a whole lot of handmade amatuer art hanging about in the cabin, from all over the world. In a shelf there’s lots of 8mm film rolls. All left for itself.I left the cabin that time and returned a year later. More people had been there and more things were missing. So i decided to borrow some rolls of film home with me. I recorded some of the films named “U.S.A.” and watched them. Maybe for the first time in over three decades.

Then I took the liberty to put together a video for “Burns” by using an unknown old lady’s memories.


ALICE BOMAN – ” What “

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from the city of Malmo in Sweden singer songwriter Alice Boman , Born in 1987 she used to sing with her two male siblings at home before hearing a mix tape that included Bob Dylan “I Want You” making her want to write her own tunes she then heard and listened to more artists like Neil Young, Nina Simone and then Bon Iver all of which influenced her to perform her own songs with simple melodies and strikingly haunting vocals, which leads her to record her first EP “Skisser” A Lo-fi  charm of five songs starting with “Waiting” now used on numerous Television Adverts, Which then leads onto the second release EPII and with more added instruments entwine with the simple enchanting piano arrangements and more Lo-Fi recordings, Songs are “Over”, “Be Mine” and “Burns” and then the reverberating “What”



Another beautiful striking vocal from Alice Boman with simple piano, this cover of a “War On Drugs” song (she nust have caught the band whilst playing a few festivals where they have been on the same line up) check out previous posts for more from this wonderful singer songwriter, Haunting vocals and synths all with a touch of reverb,

ALICE BOMAN – ” Over “

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Alice Boman performs “Over” at Studio Mollan in Malmo Sweden, Swedish singer songwriter Alice Boman makes the kind of songs that haunt you, with soft vocals over simple keyboards and synths awash with melodic orchestrations.


“Be Mine”  is from the new EP just simply titled EP II from Swedish singer songwriter Alice Boman with her fragile vocals mixed with etheral images from her Swedish countryside, songs are slightly minimalist with  sparse fidelity sounds, Alive has played a few festival over the UK this summer, Please check out her earlier EP Skisser


Swedish singer songwriter Alice Boman and another track from the latest EP aptly titled “EPII” the follow up to the excellent “Skisser” EP


Alice Boman from Sweden with stunning vocal and a mesmerising sound.

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