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BATTS – ” Gun “

Posted: September 10, 2018 in MUSIC
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BATTS, the project name of Tanya Batt, has been in featured ever since our we heard of her single ‘Shame’, back in April. ‘Shame’: “That layer, in this song, makes it unique. It’s ‘folk, plus’. Where not only just a lazy layer of attempts are arranged, but the delectable honey of Tanya’s folk talents just enhance the pop bleed, into another level.”

The melancholic debut of her EP ’62 Moons’ is out Now, and demonstrated by her tact on each and every part of each single. And as always, the best part of BATTS is well, Tanya’s voice, It is magnetic, strong, with the kind kind of empathetic ’causes’ that singers like many country & contemporary ballad singers of the past.

“I wasn’t feeling inspired by my own life, and didn’t feel any urge to become self-destructive like I had in younger years to create,” Tanya explains. “I remembered how much I loved to write stories as a child, and thought I’d start writing fictional stories into songs, and creating the music to set the vibe and world around it.”


The ‘sadness’ of ‘Gun’ is heartfelt and beautiful to listen to. Despite our antics in our posts, we really dig and respect the kind of lyrical construction Tanya does so well. Her work is mesmerizing, truly.

BATTS – ” Somedays “

Posted: December 5, 2017 in MUSIC
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Melbourne based singer-songwriter Batts last week released her stunning, raw “62 Moons” EP. The latest single from the release is the track “Somedays”, which fully embraces the new sounds Batts has been building across all of the tracks on 62 Moons.

Batts is the project of Melbourne based musician and space enthusiast Tanya Batt. Honing in on her sound with her two newest singles For Now and Little White Lies in the first half of 2017 .

Batts has spent 2017 touring Australia with Oliver Tank, Timberwolf and nyck .

A strong obsession with space and novels helps inspire the concepts and writing within Batts music. Creating soundscapes that take you on a journey with relatable lyrics to help the listener in whatever way needed.