WORLD PARTY – ” Egyptology “

Posted: September 8, 2022 in MUSIC

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Egyptology” is the fourth studio album by World Party released in 1997, re-released in 2006. It contained the single “Beautiful Dream” and the award-winning “She’s the One”, among other songs. But the album was not a commercial success, and Karl Wallinger was upset when his label, Chrysalis Records, used “She’s the One” as a vehicle for pop artist Robbie Williams; Williams’ version hit No#1 on the British pop charts and won Williams several awards. Wallinger later wrote: I was so lucky that Robbie recorded “She’s the One” because it allowed me to keep going [after his aneurysm in 2000]. He nicked my pig and killed it but gave me enough bacon to live on for four years. He kept my kids in school and me in Seaview [Wallinger’s recording studio] and for that I thank him.

“Egyptology” is a good record, even if it doesn’t reach the heights of both “Goodbye Jumbo” and “Bang!” It’s home to ‘She’s The One’, the song Robbie Williams took to number one in the UK, and while it’s a little workmanlike in places (‘Is Is Time’, ‘Call Me Up’) that counterbalanced by some more interesting compositions and arrangements (‘Rolling Off A Log’, ‘Hercules’, ‘Vanity Fair’).

Due in part to the disagreement over “She’s the One”, “Egyptology” would be Wallinger’s last album with Chrysalis; his 2000 album “Dumbing Up” was released on his own label.

This 2LP set is actually slightly expanded. Top marks to frontman/one-man-band Karl Wallinger for putting five live tracks on side four (recorded Live in NYC 1997), rather than giving us the dreaded ‘etched disc’, even if, in truth, I’d have preferred some of those cover versions and studio bonus tracks from the ‘Beautiful Dream’ single.

“Egyptology” is reissued as a 2LP gatefold set on 29th October 2022. 

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