ESTHER ROSE – ” How Many Times “

Posted: January 29, 2021 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Esther Rose

The beautiful third album from the New Orleans-based singer-songwriter Esther Rose. It’s all about transience and change, but her voice is a brilliant centre point and protagonist to keep it all flowing along. Another really delicious young voice as part of the Full Time Hobby family.

Esther Rose was in perpetual motion when she wrote her third album, “How Many Times”. In the span of two years, she moved three times, navigated the end of a relationship, and began touring more than ever. The New Orleans-based singer-songwriter used that momentum while she penned her third studio album. That’s why, as the album title’s nod to the cyclical nature of life implies, there’s a rush that accompanies How Many Times as if you’re experiencing an awakening, too.

Esther Rose announced her new album How Many Times, due out on March 26th via Father/Daughter Records and Full Time Hobby. It’s her third full-length, and it follows her 2019 album You Made It This Far. The announcement also came with a Sarrah Danziger-directed music video for the title track. The new single mixes Rose’s tried-and-true country roots with a doo-wop-esque sway and some sha-la-la’s for good measure. Add fiddle, lap steel and acoustic guitar to Rose’s winsome, compassionate vocals and timeless tale of heartbreak that needs to be numbed, and what’s not to love? “It’s not really just about feeling better, it’s about feeling it, whatever it is,” Rose says of her forthcoming album.

Rose expands her alt-country sound into a blossoming world of folk pop and tender harmonies. A collection of complete takes recorded live to tape with rich instrumentation, soul-tugging hooks, and resonating vocal melodies, How Many Times carries you into the room in which it was made. There to help realize this was co-producer Ross Farbe of synthpop band Video Age, who Rose also credits for bringing a stereo pop glow to these new songs.

Rose’s journey through the past few years has been one of saying yes to new opportunities, all while nurturing and playing in bands in the New Orleans country music scene. The arrival of How Many Times is evidence of the sweeping growth Rose has undergone, both personally and artistically. She’s turning towards her troubles and facing them head-on, ready to feel whatever’s necessary in order to keep growing upwards and outwards.

The Band:

Matt Bell: Lap steel
Lyle Werner: Fiddle
Esther Rose: Vocals + Acoustic Guitar
Cameron Snyder: Drums + Harmonies
Max Bien Kahn: Electric Guitar + Harmonies
Dan Cutler: Upright Bass + Harmonies
Ric Robertson: Acoustic Guitar on Track 7
Howe Pearson: Drums + Harmonies on Tracks 3, 5
Gina Leslie: Electric Bass + Harmonies on Tracks 3, 5

All songs written by Esther Rose

‘How Many Times’ out March 26th, 2021 on Father/Daughter & Full Time Hobby.

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