IGGY POP – ” Dirty Little Virus “

Posted: December 21, 2020 in MUSIC
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Iggy Pop has shared a new song about the novel coronavirus. The song, called “Dirty Little Virus,” begins, “COVID-19 is on the scene.” Other lyrics include, “Grandfather’s dead/Got Trump instead,” and “She’s only 19, but she can kill ya.”

In a video about the song, Iggy Pop explained, “I was moved to write a direct lyric, not something too emotional or deep, more like journalism.” He concluded, “If there was still a Man of the Year, it would be the virus, so I wrote the lyric.” Iggy Pop co-wrote “Dirty Little Virus” with Leron Thomas, who also edited, arranged, and played trumpet on the track.

For those who need an escape, want to travel without moving and altogether keep their ears and minds open.


Chris Berry – Drums (Home Studio)
Ari Teitel – Guitars and Bass (Home Studio)
Leron Thomas – Editing, Trumpet work and Arrangement (IMI Studios NYC)

Written by Iggy Pop and Leron Thomas

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