DUMMY – ” EP2 “

Posted: December 20, 2020 in MUSIC
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Dummy is five people in Los Angeles making music informed by motorik pulse and minimal composition like the Velvet Underground and Cluster before them. Across five tracks, experimental noise and ambient soundscapes intertwine with hypnotic drone-pop and avant-folk.

Earlier this year, Los Angeles noise-pop band Dummy shared their debut release, “Dummy EP”, via Pop Wig Records. In November, the group put out their second release, EP2, available now on cassette via Born Yesterday Records. They shared the song “Pool Dizzy”—which was the first taste of EP2. Their debut was rooted in krautrock and synth-laden noise pop, and they even threw in a foggy folk tune and an eight-minute new age-esque closer. EP2, on the other hand, leans more on hypnotic synths than driving guitars—apart from “Pool Dizzy.” The track’s throbbing beat, murky guitars and retro keyboards are rejuvenating, and their heavenly, overlapping vocals are the cherry on top. It’s the sound of droning pop euphoria.

Dummy returns five months later after “EP1” with “EP2”, their second release of 2020. Featuring a mix of screeching feedback-laden pop songs woven with non-sequitur ambient soundscapes, “EP2” sees the band further developing their drone-pop style with inspiration taken from kosmische, Japanese ambient, new age, and video game music. Recorded mostly at home using freeware and a smartphone, the six tracks forgo polished production in favour of a kaleidoscopic collage of improvisational sketches. Mixed by Joo-Joo Ashworth and mastered by Greg Obis. Available on cassette from Born Yesterday Records.

Dummy – Dummy EP2 (2020) Thursday Morning 00:00 Pool Dizzy 04:35 Nuages 07:31 Mediocre Garden 10:38 Second Contact 14:52 Prime Mover Unmoved 17:04

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