PAINTED ZEROS – ” When You Found Forever “

Posted: November 6, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Painted Zeros is Katie Lau’s recording project. Her debut full-length album “Floriography” was released 10/30/2015 on Don Giovanni Records, and demonstrates the breadth of her musicality while being unmistakably punk at heart. Lush strings colour the spaces between melodic guitar hooks and Lau’s dreamy (often buried) vocal delivery, offering the listener an intimate look inside a world that echoes the heyday of shoegaze and demands that they listen closely–and loud. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, the band is a trio live, and in concert Lau’s songs burst to life with the help of two of her best friends. Love the fuzzy sound, and the guitar work is wonderful. I wish I had better words to describe how much I enjoy this album. Despite, or maybe because of, the subject matter throughout, this album often feels like the beginnings of a triumphant breakthrough to the other side. 


Her new album “When You Found Forever”, her first project to be released in five years under the Painted Zeros name. It’s an uncompromising journey into a person stricken with a battle of the psyche, overcoming a tumultuous relationship with alcohol and breaking free from the clutches of an old love (see “”). Lau is fearless in showing the pains of addiction mixed with the beautiful colour palette that returns once its been abandoned. On her latest single that we’re thrilled to premiere, “I Will Try” Lau takes the various shades that make up ourselves to create an anthem endowed with a restored affirmation in her identity and making the best of the future.

Written, performed, engineered, and mixed by Katie Lau

Drums played by Jared Kaner on tracks 3 & 8
Bass played by Jim Hill on tracks 3 & 8

Released May 29th, 2020

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